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Training... A Mindset, A Philosophy, A Difference

Training for the “Sport of Kings,” in the modern day game, does not simply mandate a mallet, a horse and a field. Training for polo means countless hours in the cage, on the field, in the arena and in the gym. Although practicing the sport itself remains at the forefront of training, with each coach bringing their own training techniques and philosophies to their athletes, adding performance training makes a difference in today’s modern polo player. Words like longevity, recovery and injury prevention are equal to “performance” when it comes to one of the most-likely-to-be-injured sports in the world. The athletes with the strongest and most mobile bodies typically recover faster, play longe

Rocky Mountain Polo Festival

Combining music and polo, the Rocky Mountain Polo festival featured some of the top player, including Aldolfo Cambiaso, pictured with Claude-Alix Bertrand. Photos by Aspen Red Photography

The Allure of Manipur

In November, the 11th International Polo World Cup returns to Imphal Polo Grounds in Manipur, India, home of polo’s origins, where the British first learned the sport from the Hindu Kingdom native sportsmen. Imphal Polo Grounds are considered the oldest polo grounds known to mankind, in fact, "Manipur Gave the World the Game of Polo" is displayed on the sidelines of the Imphal Polo Grounds. The opens 22 November 2017 and will be played on traditional Manipuri ponies from the region. Traditional festivities will accompany the highly anticipated polo matches during the eight-day tournament. The Australian team will return to defend their 2016 title against other teams (confirmed at press time)

Audi Driving the Game Forward

THE AUDI SPORTSCAR EXPERIENCE PROVIDES MOTORING ENTHUSIASTS THE OPPORTUNITY TO SAMPLE SOME OF AUDI’S FINEST MODELS ON THE SONOMA RACEWAY. Carved into the rolling hills of Sonoma County, it’s 2.5 miles of pristine asphalt and 12 twisty turns woven over the beautiful hills of Sonoma. It’s the same track used for NASCAR races. Classroom time is interspersed throughout the day between paddock and track sessions. And while the instructors are focused on providing an enjoyable time for participants, they are also there to make sure you take home a lesson. Whether it be by instilling more confidence behind the wheel or a focus on planning ahead on the road, the team at the Audi Sportscar Experience


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