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Peak Performance on the Road

Long periods of travel for tournaments, matches, or even practice require athletes to maintain optimum levels of strength and power. Adjust training volumes to accommodate high-intensity playing in order to protect muscles from breaking down. Muscular breakdown occurs within 72 hours of the last training session. For athletes who are resistance training, skipping resistance training a mere two times a week results in loss of power and performance. Follow these five guidelines to maintain performance, even while traveling: 1. Avoid steady-state cardio unless you are recovering. Endurance exercises can turn off muscle-building pathways while promoting catabolism through an increase in the glu

Growth Mindset: Mold Your Mind

Failure is an inevitable aspect of our existence, but ironically, failure is also essential for success. The most successful individuals in the world didn’t get to the top of the mountain by taking an airplane; they climbed up the mountain, slipped and fell, and sustained injuries along the way. What separates these individuals from the rest is how they respond to failure. People tend to commit to one of two mindsets: growth or fixed. People with a growth mindset believe that their most basic abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work. In other words, a growth mindset enhances one’s ability to learn from every situation, whether or not the situation is successful. People wit

Extreme Sports: Paragliding in Haiti

Haiti boasts a small but burgeoning adventure sporting industry led largely from the private sector. Niche hobbies such as paragliding and swimming competitions are luring tourists back to the Caribbean island once a chic destination for celebrities and A-listers. Avid adventurer Jim Chu saw the opportunities for extreme adventure sporting years ago when he first arrived in Haiti as a humanitarian aid worker. He invited his friends to spend their vacation time with him in Haiti paragliding over the natural mountain ranges and challenging them to swim from beach to beach in the crystal blue waters off the coast of Cote-des-Arcadins. Recently, Chu took to the skies with another paragliding ent

Go "Bag" or Go Home

The end of the year is coming, and with it, giving gifts and updating our wardrobes. Look no further than the Spring/Summer seasons for fashion inspiration. Several trends are popping up in fashion shows of from the biggest brands. One special accessory will revolutionize the next season: the handbag. Designs vary in style and color, shapes, materials, and sizes; regardless, the handbag is one of the hottest trends for Spring/Summer 2018. Why not grab one, or all, to bring your wardrobe to the next level?

Hot Off The Runway

A well-dressed gentleman is like a thunderbolt, capturing attention without excess, combining luxury and taste. A gentleman adapts to trends because he already knows what he wants and likes to bring a bit of novelty to his personal style. The 2018 trends in men’s fashion will add a punch to his daily life. Men’s Bags: The most en vogue bags come from fashion houses such as Billionaire, Hackett, Bleu de Chauffe, Herschell, Louis Vuitton, Longchamp and Thom Browne, and in a myriad of styles like the 24-hour and 48-hour, vintage, satchel, sport, messenger and weekend. Chelsea Boots: The most elegant boots of all, Chelsea boots bear a military influence. The boots convey both a casual and a c

80s Inspiration: Stilettos, Pumps, and Wedges

The Spring/Summer 2018 season will give us our most colorful closets ever, with breathtaking accessories: jeweled sunglasses, dramatically shaped heels, Aladdin shoes, elf sneakers, and fidget spinners. Many big brands have decided to go back to the 1980s for inspiration for the next season. Who would have thought that boots, sequins, pearls and stones would make a comeback? The standards have changed. We made a list of new trends for Spring/Summer 2018.

Reposted for the Record

The top 18 posts from Instagram in October, curated by the editorial board of Haiti Polo Lifestyles.

Polo in Haiti: The Untold Story

When one thinks of Haiti, the Sport of Kings does not automatically spring to mind, however back in the 1920s and 30s, polo was once a part of Haiti’s very elegant social landscape. The American occupation (1915-1934) consisted of several military commissions. W. Cameron Forbes led the Hoover Commission in Haiti. A big lover of the sport, he had a hill leveled to construct Haiti’s original polo field near the capital of Port-au-Prince, soon after arriving on the island. A noted polo expert, Forbes started by organizing tournaments and inviting notable players, mostly American. Their time on the island not only facilitated savoring and exploring the beauty of Haiti but also competitive pol

Billionaire: Zippy Spring/Summer 2018 Collection

Billionaire represents power and influence. The first look or the first impression explains a way of life, and with Billionaire, a man passes from incognito to classy and sophisticated—a man of society who shines with the spark of his fire, exudes his strength, who is sure of himself like a billionaire. During Billionaire’s Spring/Summer 2018 fashion show in Milan, we discovered a collection that demonstrates the dexterity of the Philipp Plein Group-owned Italian brand through each of the pieces shown to la crème de la crème of the Italian high society. The show exudes charisma and an uncontrollable aura, with a palette of sunflower yellow, turquoise blue, fluorescent pink, grass green, and

Ghanaian cousins put the notch in your polo belt

Sykes & Woodrow, founded by cousins Michael Sykes and William Wood in 2016, has emerged as one of Africa’s most unique fashion and lifestyle brands. Earlier this year, they collaborated with the Accra Polo Club in Ghana, one of Africa’s oldest polo clubs. Sykes & Woodrow supplied the club with a selection of the brand’s Classic Edition belt collection, which many of the club’s riders wear. The cousins were inspired to create belts after a trip to a modest market in Rome, where they stumbled across a vendor selling scarves in a rainbow of woven colors. Sykes and Wood were stirred by the energetic colors and wanted to adapt a similar style with woven belts to introduce to the growing retail ma

Lord Louis Mountbatten: A great man and polo player

“Polo is a wonderful sport, one which combines several skills: one must be a good rider and there is the challenge of striking the ball at speed. But the best thing about the sport is playing with friends ... I was never a natural polo talent, nor a good rider at the beginning: I had to work hard to be good. I had to study the game. I watched English and American films in slow motion and analysed the players hitting the ball. I also remember that my team and I used to come up with tactics around a billiard table. As polo is amateur, I had to do everything myself. I remember one time I was speaking to an international player, and I asked him advice about how to hit the ball. He said: ‘My dear

Stunning Serengeti: Seven days on Safari in Tanzania

We awoke with the sun around 6:30 a.m. to the sounds of a buffalo sniffing for breakfast outside our two-bedroom canvas tent. A pack of hyenas cried in the not-so-far distance and countless songbirds were chirping in the trees overhead. My wife and I were on day four of our weeklong Tanzanian safari and had already seen the Big Five (lion, leopard, rhino, elephant, and buffalo), witnessed the great wildebeest migration and explored two national parks. We traveled across jungle, desert and plains to a luxury safari camp in the middle of the Serengeti. Surrounded on all sides by the African savannah and miles from the nearest ranger station, we were truly a world away from the life we knew. Ov

Private Auction: Globe-trotting Friends of Haiti Gather in Paris

PIASA, a Parisian auction house, in conjunction with Le Centre d’Art de Port-au-Prince, Fondasyon Konesans Ak Libète (FOKAL), La Fondation pour le Rayonnement de l’Art Haïtien, and Fondation Daniel & Nina Carasso, hosted an auction to raise money for Haiti’s Centre d’Art, which was damaged in the 2010 earthquake. The exposition, “L’Art Haitien de 1940 à Nos Jours” (Haitian Art from 1940 to Present Days), opened October 19 to close a nearly weeklong celebration of Haitian art and culture. One highlights of the week was Les Voix d’Haiti, a concert at Parisian nightclub New Morning where Haitian artists performed for hundreds of people. Haitian singer James Germain said he was happy he was to b

Tailgating 101 for Polo

October's here and polo tournaments around the world will attract fans in droves. Don't show up empty-handed. Our editors picked their favorite "must-haves" for a successful day at a tournament. TAILGATING STAPLES: Yeti Hopper Two 30 Soft Cooler, yeti.com Yves Delorme blanket, neimanmarcus.com Callisto Home pillows, assorted, callistohome.com “Haiti Polo Lifestyles” September issue, issuu.com/haitipolo Haiti Polo Team cap, htpolo.com Beats by DRE Beatbox, beatsbydre.com Williams-Sonoma Round Slate Cheese Board, williams-sonoma.com START THE PARTY: Brut Perrier-Jouet Fleur de Champagne 2002, perrier-jouet.com Buccellati Milano sterling silver champagne bucket, buccellati.com Baccarat

London, Paris and Milan Menswear Reviews

There is no better way to please the eyes than the stylish “Men’s Fashion Week”. Throughout the world, and particularly the four major cities of fashion, men gather to pay a well-deserved tribute to “Monseigneur Mode”. New York, London, Milan, and Paris religiously dedicate themselves to the male ritual. Coming from different parts of the world, critics and influencers gather in the spotlight to admire the new men’s collections. They are old, young, beautiful, elegant, stylish! The signal was given in New York City and Calvin Klein responded with confidence. He keeps the spirit of turmoil with a ore-than perfect mix: Western trends highlighted by cowboy boots in bright metallic colors, patch


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