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Queens of Haiti

The success of Haiti’s first beauty queen, Claudinette Fouchard, set into motion a series of investments in pageants to promote tourism on the island nation plagued with bad press and instability. Since then, Haitian beauty queens have made the colors of Haiti shine on the biggest and brightest of international stages. Fouchard, the daughter of Jean Fouchard (then Haiti’s ambassador to Cuba) was elected Miss Haiti in 1960i. She had the heavy responsibility of representing Haiti at the Miss World Sugar in Colombia, a competition she won. But she missed the 10th edition of Miss World in London because of conflict of dates between the two pageants. Fouchard became a darling to the Haitian peopl

2017 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show -- Shanghai

Photos by Gerson Lirio For the first time in over two decades, the Victoria's Secret caravan made a spectacular entry into Asian. The geography of the fashion show came with drawbacks; however, the visa process being the biggest point of contention. The Chinese government refused entry visas to models, journalists, bloggers and professionals working in the fashion industry, among them the Russian models Julia Belyakova, Kate Grigorieva and Irina Sharipova, as well as Ukrainian model, Dasha Khlystun. Citizens of former Soviet countries had trouble obtaining entry visas to China. American singer Katy Perry had the same problem – credited to her decision to wear a sunflower-adorned dress during

A Worthy Cause: Project St. Anne

This holiday in Australia, Haiti Polo Team is collaborating with the Land Rover Urban Polo Series to raise funds for Project St. Anne through silent auctions over the course of five cities in five weeks. Project St. Anne, founded by Naika Charles D’Haiti, is a favorite philanthropic cause of Polo Lifestyles. The humanitarian aid group works with children and families on the southern coast of Haiti in the rural city of Camp-Perrin. Camp-Perrin was devastated last year by Hurricane Isaac. At that time, our editor was working with the Ministry of Health in Haiti to administer the cholera vaccination to 1 million Haitians. Camp-Perrin was part of his area of responsibility. The picturesque, larg

Be Winter-Wonderland Ready

The centerpiece of the man’s winter wardrobe is, as always, the coat. For the neat, elegant and refined man, only a quality coat will do—one of high fashion, neutral, and made of wool in a weaving such as sparkling woolen, double woolen or woolen sprained. The coat must be silky in appearance, with a soft texture, regular sewing, well done buttonholes, and a viscose, polyester, or silk lining. A fur-lined coat is extra chic. A perfect finish would be variations such as camel, ebony, navy blue, anthracite gray, shades of Bordeaux, green, and orange. Models to choose: -The Chesterfield -The Cross-Buttoned Coat -The Military Coat -The Covert Coat -Duffle Coat The multifunctional parka is the wi

Haitian Art and Historical Architecture intertwine at Villa Kalawes

At Villa Kalewès, a gingerbread-style building in Port-au-Prince, Kolektif 509 hosted “Elements of (de) Construction,” an art exhibit featuring two talented young artists: Valerie Noisette and Phaidra McQeen Sterlin. Noisette greeted us with sparkling eyes and a smile, a kindness almost out of the ordinary. Born in Queens, New York, in 1982, Noisette lived part of her childhood in Chicago, then Miami before finally returning to Haiti in 2010 after the earthquake. She co-founded Kolektif 509, an association of more than 60 artists that promotes Haitian art. Displayed on the ground floor, her art encouraged a dialogue with human forms, geometric elements and sacred symbols—a conversation, as t

Five Myths of Fat Loss

With the New Year around the corner, it is time for resolutions. The majority of resolutions are often fitness-related, with the number one resolution being to lose weight. Five myths often drive fat loss goals; learn how to counter them and get started on the new you. Myth #1: Diet. The new definition of the word “diet” is a dietary plan that limits the amount of food one consumes daily. This definition creates a platform for failure and turns dieting into something that is started and stopped. However, in order to achieve a successful “diet,” one must make modifications to their lifestyle, including seeing healthier foods and beverages as regular foods, not diet foods; properly defining th

Every One who Exists is an Artist

Exclusive interview with one of the artists from the “Elements of (de) construction” exhibit, Valerie Noisette (pictured at right in red) Q : What prompted you to create these beautiful works? A : As an artist who has gained a lot of experience in the last decade, I have reached a new level. Some things change over the years and bring new energy to my work, which we can see today compared to my previous work. The energy that emerges is a part of you; the connection is established. Q : Is this the best way to connect? A : I think there are a multitude of ways to share energies, and they come as I feel. You can bring energy through music, meditation or even personal motivational speeches. Q :

Art Influenced by Haitian Culture

Exclusive interview with Phaidra McQueen Sterlin Q : Who is Phaidra McQueen Sterlin? A : I am a contemporary Haitian artist who appreciates her environment, which has a certain nostalgia for the time when I grew up. I analyze the reality of today. Q : Do you draw inspiration to create? A : My inspiration is 80% taken from the Haitian daily life: in the streets, the tires of a car that quite often leads to a political movement, artists, typically Haitian things that I break down and rebuild my way. Q : What type of connection do you want to establish with the public with your works? A : I would like above all for the public to see through my works. I hope in 20 years that we speak of it as be

Home for the Holidays

Four hours into the photo shoot with Ian Stallings—complete with champagne, a Batman mask, and irreverent versions of traditional carols—the work grinds to a halt as we all stand in front of the oversized windows, captivated by the commanding views of the Bay at dusk. The bridge lights on the horizon, the glittering towers of the skyline and the blue-on-pink-on-peach of the clouds. We pull out our mobile phones to capture the moment for our favorite social media channels. “This is magnificent,” muses our executive editor. Then Angelica, the photographer, slips back into work mode, clearing us from the frame and snapping away as the violet-blue in the sky turns to navy and then midnight blue.

Shooting Snow Polo: The Horse, The Rider, The Light

Matthias Gruber’s career as a polo photographer started by chance. He was on his way to test a new camera when he happened to pass by a polo tournament. Though he had no idea of the rules or the game, he was immediately taken with the athleticism of the horses and the excitement of the match. Soon after, he met someone who taught him how to take good polo photos. Nowadays, he looks for three things when shooting polo tournaments: the horse, the rider, and the light. Horses, he says, are the true stars of the game, and must not appear stressed or frightened. “There are unfortunately many such ‘bad’ photos,” he said. “Of course, these often only show a fraction of a second, but they damage the

A Recipe for Stunning Images by Dan Mitchell

He’s photographed stunning landscapes across Europe, Africa, and the U.S. He’s shot models, weddings, and graduations. But when given the choice, photographer Dan Mitchell gravitates toward sports. “The positive atmosphere, fast action, and excitement of competition is a perfect recipe for stunning images,” he said. “It is this magic combination that makes me passionate to tell a story with an image without an explanation or caption.” A two-time Snow Polo World Cup veteran photographer, Mitchell will be back for his third stint photographing the 2018 Cup in St. Moritz, January 26–28. Shooting polo matches poses unique challenges over other sports, such as capturing images that showcase the

St. Barth's, the "It" Destination for Jet-Set Rendezvous

There’s a reason why celebrities, models, socialites, and It girls (like Bella Hadid, Jessica Alba, and Chrissy Teigen) meet like clockwork every year on the tropical paradise of St. Barth’s for the holidays. The island, an overseas collectivity of France, blends the sophistication of St.-Tropez with the laissez-faire Caribbean lifestyle—which means it’s exclusive yet totally unpretentious. Walk into any beach-front restaurant, for instance, and you’ll see well-dressed women with Birkins eating lunch beside sandy, barefoot beach goers; walk into a club wearing jean cutoffs and no one will raise an eyebrow. It’s a specific brand of laid-back luxury that breeds instant converts. Make one tri

Scoreboards & Cocktails December 2017

Boots & Pearls - Austin, Texas Cartier Party in Dubai Diner en Blanc - Haiti Frenkoze Fundraiser in Los Angeles 11th Manipur International Open - Manipur, India NOLA Women's Challenge - New Orleans, Louisiana

Player Profile Johann du Preez

South African polo player Johann du Preez joined Haiti Polo Team in late November in Australia for the Land Rover Urban Polo Series. A third generation polo player from Ficksburg, du Preez also works with Moolman Group of Pretoria, which owns and managers assets valued in excess of R7 billion and incorporates property investment companies. With a polo handicap of 3 (www.sapolo.co.za), du Preez is an excellent addition to Haiti Polo Team and the first African member of the team representing the nation of Haiti. Team Captain Claude-Alix Bertrand is of Haitian descent while other players are Argentine. Haiti Polo Team was received with much media fanfare for their first tournament Down Under. I

Backstage with Angels in Shanghai

The backstage of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show was packed with journalists and editors from around the world to interview the stars of the runway. Oksana Vig, senior global fashion curator of Polo Lifestyles, talked to Tanzanian model Herieth Paul, British-New Zealander Stella Maxwell, and Brazilian Adriana Lima. OV: Herieth, what are your emotions right now? HP: Today is the best day of my life. Being part of the Victoria’s Secret cast for the second time in my career as a model is a great honor. I would like to thank Mr. Ed Razek for allowing me to live this experience once again. OV: Tell me about your look today. HP: I will not reveal anything for the moment. Be patient and you will

Supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio walked the VS runway for the last time in Shanghai

Shanghai – Brazilian supermodel Alessandra Ambrósio, an emblematic face of the Victoria's Secret brand and indisputably one of the sexiest women on the planet, walked the runway for the final time last night in Shanghai. Since the announcement that Shanghai would host this year's fashion show, rumors circulated predicting Ambrósio’s departure. The 36-year-old supermodel announced to Entertainment Tonight her final departure after 17 years with Victoria’s Secret. She will devote herself to her family, her swimsuit line "Ale by Alessandra" and her career as an actress. Victoria's Secret will not be the same without Ambrósio. Born in Erechim Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, Ambrósio made her debut in


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