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10 Fat-Burning Facts

With so many diets available today, how can you tell which one is right for you? First, if you go on a diet, you will surely go off of a diet. As a result, you can expect fluctuations in your results (i.e. fat levels). Therefore, dieting is not recommended. Alter your lifestyle and current diet with simple adjustments. Let’s break it down into 10 diet facts. Fact 1: Skipping breakfast will drastically reduce your fat-burning capabilities. Studies have proven that individuals who skip breakfast have a higher body fat percentage. Skipping breakfast keeps your body in starvation mode, resulting in fat storage of any ingested calories. On the other hand, eating breakfast will do the exact opposi

Fine Property of the Month: Stonebridge Whistler Estate

Listing Price: C$25,950,000 Arguably one of the most sought after addresses in Whistler, this property within the exclusive estate offers unparalleled views of the resort. From its elevated site one can take in the entire valley at a glance, looking across forested slopes to Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains with Alta Lake below. Set in 8.3 acres of landscaped grounds, the 10-bedroom, 11-bathroom residence offers privacy and protection, a place to retreat from the world and host friends and family in a spectacular natural setting. The property is within a short drive of amenities with access to three championship golf courses, alpine lakes, hiking trails, fine dining restaurants and some of t

Dior's 70th Anniversary Exhibition in Paris

Until January 7, the public will have the opportunity to visit the exhibition "Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams "commemorating the 70th anniversary of the Haute Couture House of Dior, organized by the Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris. More than 300 dresses from different periods since the reign of Christian Dior in 1947 through those of Yves Saint Laurent, Marc Bohan, Gianfranco Ferré, John Galliano, Raf Simons to the present day with Maria Grazia Chiuri - the first female to hold the post of Creative Director of a French Haute Couture House - exposed themselves. The exhibition is not only accented on the dresses, but also on accessories created by the House of Dior --- bottles of perfum

Solidly Anchored in Jewelry

Chris Warner, brand director of Anchor & Crew and lifestyle brand Satori & Scout, discovered a passion for all design fields from a very early age. Now a leading men’s jewelry brand, Anchor & Crew’s humble beginnings evolved into a headquarters studio located in a part of Great Britain that once saw Paul Smith, Vivienne Westwood and Jonathan Ive emerge as iconic international designers. Located in one of East Midland’s former Industrial-era brick-build workshops and with all the authenticity that accompanies this, Warner’s more recent Satori & Scout is a mirror in dedication toward progressive product design. “(My brother) Andrew and I grew up working in retail jewelry with over 100 brands f

Model Behavior: Andreea Sasu

Andreea Sasu considers herself to be a very private person from Romania. On her social media, she shares moments with friends, her work, the things that she likes, the books she reads. As a child, her dream was to join the police force; when she was only 18, she won her first beauty contest, and her life moved in a very different direction. She moved to Milan, to start her modeling career, competing constantly in beauty competitions. More than one year ago, she created an Instagram account to publicize her lifestyle, the public's adoration was overwhelming. Her fans who follow her every move love her simplicity, her kindness and her humbleness despite her famed and wealth. Andreea’s Beauty R

Joining the big leagues

On Tuesdays and Thursdays after Chascomús school let out, Alfredo Bigatti’s father, or sometimes his mother, took him to Open Door in Buenos Aires so that the teenager could practice polo at La Cañada club. Saturdays were different. Alfredo slept over near Open Door, in Pilar, to play again on Sunday and then return home. The week’s total: 1,200 kilometers every seven days for four training matches. A fan of horses and breeding first, and polo second, Bigatti inherited his passion for horses from his father, who was involved in the equestrian world and introduced him to Gonzalo Bunge, a well-known polo referee. Bunge invited Bigatti, then a young boy, to learn how to play polo at Open Door.

Fanm Mon: Sophia Demirtas

Fanm Mòn is a symbol of femininity, a mix of modernity, age and freedom, favored by celebrities Laurynn Hill, one of the twin sisters Wonder, TK, and recently Morgan Stewart. This young brand launched in 2013 under the creative direction of Sophia Demirtas, originally focusing on making unique and creative jewelry. Sophia later changed the focus to the women’s ready-to-wear line. The name Fanm Mòn, a reference to Sophia’s Haitian roots, is significant to the designer. Meaning “peasant women” in Creole, the term is used loosely and at times in a derogatory sense. As a young woman in Haiti, Sophia was directly in contact with “fanm mòn” peasant women in the open-air markets near her grandmothe

French Training + Japanese Precision

Thirty-year-old Jidapa Watsotok went to France to study eyewear design and making handmade eyewear. She launched her own brand Jida Watt, a shorter version of Thai birthname, because it was her dream to create something unique to the world under her own name. “It’s still quite amazing when I see a pair of sunglasses with my name on them – it’s even more incredible when I see someone wearing them,” said the designer. Why eyewear? It’s simple, she says. “I love eyewear. It’s the same as finding Mr. Right. You can’t explain why you love your husband but you know well that you love him and he is the right one for you. Eyewear is Mr. Right Guy for me.” While success didn’t come easily, Jida pursu

Strength + Fitness: Joanna Jean

On the first weekend of December, in Biarritz, in the south of France, the World Fitness and Bodybuilding championships were organized by the IFBB. The event attracted tourists who enjoyed the warmer weather of the city the view of the sea, the chocolate shops and the numerous historical and tourist attractions. But, most importantly they had the chance to see women and men compete in all fitness categories (body fitness, bikini fitness and wellness fitness) for two days. Among the competitors, Joanna Jean, a young Haitian, who has built herself a solid platform. With more than 25,000 followers on Instagram, she is known in Haiti, Canada and the USA. It was in Montreal where she first discov

For the love of Polo

Besides being a horse lover with a passion for polo, 31-year-old Juan Ignacio Cilea—Juani for short— is an exquisite equestrian sketch artist. He resides in Buenos Aires, in his family home and is one of three triplet brothers. What inspires him to draw horses is the love he feels for them; he tends to every detail and every stroke so that it is the best possible. His greatest source of inspiration for this Argentinean polo amateur is his family, because they are the first to give their words of encouragement, correct him and give him the critical eye that is often difficult to find. His love for polo is for the union of the horse and the player; he believes that the skill of both and the a

The King of Street Style

The soft accent does not deny the origins – Leo Faria is a son of Uberlândia, Brazil. Passionate about photography, as a teenager he studied Graphic Arts and followed with training in Advertising. It was in college that he had the first and only contact with photography in a more formal and technical way. But truly, he is a self-taught in photography, which guarantees the freedom of language and personality of his photos. Before the photography came into his life he worked in seven advertising agencies, as the head of his own agency, and he also taught Creative and Photography classes to university students. Spending time behind the camera was a result of successive frustrations with photog

Luiz Rocca on shoes, coffee, training horses and travel

Shoe designer Luiz Rocca feels the creativity of designing footwear runs through his bloodstream. And that makes him believe in himself. It's genetic! His parents knew how to pass on the legacy and the lifestyles his great-grandparents left. He has always enjoyed a luxurious life since he was a child. For him, being able to always enjoy everything is living intensely. He often enjoys it in all his trips around the world. His favorite countries are the United States and France, and he has an affinity for Asia as well. His travels inspire him with new ideas for color combinations and styles for his shoes. He likes to put into play in his productions what few have the courage to do. He believes

Haitian Jockey Mateo Coles

Mateo Coles, a young sportsman aged 17, is imbued with an indelible love for horses and equestrian sports. When he was very young, his parents introduced him to riding horses at the equestrian center Les Samans, where he started with his coaches Romy Tchudy and Daniela Roy. Horse riding has always been a theme of the Coles’ family life, especially for Mateo’s brother, who unfortunately suffered a concussion after falling from a golf car and was forced to stop riding horses. The Coles family has since exchanged equestrian sports for tennis. Mateo lived in the world of tennis until the summer of 2013 when he rediscovered the experience of riding horses, his passion and the synergy that exists

Living Every Moment: Raphael Mendonça

There’s a checklist of a star’s life: living every moment, desires always met, lives full of follies, fantasies, and a job we love—a wonderfully perfect life that inspires others and illuminates their days. Raphael Mendonça can check off all the tick marks. Handsome, young and rich, he is a genius with class, talent and a dream life. The current Creative Director of Vogue Brasil counts among his friends the richest and most powerful people of Saõ Paulo and the fashion industry. Fashion Designer in Chief at Maison Alexandrine and fashion stylist to the biggest personalities in the world, he is indisputably one of the most influential names in the fashion universe. He attends the Fendi, Dolce

Gallops of Morocco

In less than three months’ time, over 100 horsemen from all over the world will be heading for the Moroccan desert, in the Drâa-Tafilalet region, amid the high and wild sand dunes of Merzouga, for a raid and adventure that resembles no other. Even though it will be physically hard for horses and riders, the track will be unforgettable for all, with the discovery of unknown and breathtaking landscapes, encounters and special moments with horse riders from all sorts of places and disciplines: up to 12 countries are represented so far! The adventure began a few months ago with route surveys and the preparation of logistics. It is an amazing human story for the organizers and participants, made

Energy Transfer: Valerie Noisette

Valerie Noisette curates Kolektif 509 Contemporary Haitian Art exhibits at the historic gingerbread-style gallery “Villa Kalawès” in Pétion-Ville, Haiti. Polo Lifestyles recently caught up with her at the opening of “Elements of (de) Construction.” CP: What prompts you to create your drawings? VN: As an artist, I’ve gained a lot of experience in the last decade, I have reached a new level. Some things change over the years and bring new energy to my work, which we can see today compared to my previous work. The energy that emerges is a part of you; the connection is established. CP: Is this the best way to connect? VN: I think there are a multitude of ways to share energies, and they com

40 Years of Yves Saint Laurent

In a building with three floors, the whole world has the opportunity to discover the professional life of this fashion genius from 1958 to 2002 – a little more than 40 years of revolution, innovation and creativity. In 1953, Yves Saint Laurent participated in the "International Wool Secretariat" competition and he won beating two of his closest friends: Spanish designer Fernando Sánchez, who is known for his provocative lingerie collections, and Karl Lagerfeld, the German designer who is currently the Creative Director of three fashion houses: Chanel, Fendi and his own namesake brand. Immediately after winning this competition dedicated to discover young talented designers, Michel de Brunho

The Don of Urban Polo

For 12 years, one man has worked tirelessly - and sometimes madly - to bring polo - the sport of kings -to the masses in mainstream Australian households, businesses and media. The concept of “urban polo” in 2005 was met with such resistance that one critic likened the concept of bringing 60 horses into Centennial Park in Sydney as “pie in the sky.” Janek Gazecki, a Sydney lawyer and polo player, is the force behind Urban Polo. His chic series – there are now three – Polo in the City, Polo by the Sea and Polo in the Vines - span the entire continent and garner 25,000+ fans per series. This year, Gazecki launched the World Series Polo in Australia by inviting Haiti Polo Team, transforming u

Adventurous Australia

Lush forests, rocky cliffs, windswept beaches and barren deserts – a road trip through Australia’s diverse, wildlife-rife landscapes could be the road trip of a lifetime. With an ideal exchange rate and world-class destinations and service, Australia is a great place to book your next escape. The Eyre Peninsula Wit hits bountiful sea life, a leisurely road trip across the beautiful stretch of land connecting Western and South Australia is nothing is not spectacular. In Whyalla, snorkel alongside giant cuttlefish and its family friendly dolphins, then head for Cowell to sup on fresher-than-fresh oysters, served whichever way. At the peninsula’s southernmost peak, Port Lincoln offers an amazin


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