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Mucca: Scissor in her hand

“As a child, I loved to spend hours and hours in my grandfather’s workshop. He was one of the best shoemakers of his time,” says Irena Mišić Fileš the Croatian designer behind the brand Mucca. “I was keen on cutting leather and buzzing around the old Singer sewing machine. I still remember the scent and sound of the natural leather being cut with my grandfather’s scalpel. My passion for design stems from my early childhood,” she says. That passion now produces the timeless Mucca fashion handbags, which are limited-edition in quantity and top-quality in handicraft production. The exotic leathers lused in the collections satsify even the most demanding fashion lovers. As the designer and owner

ESemblē : Hong Kong design

Polo Lifestyles recently sat down with Alex Jiaravanont, the designer behind the brand ESemblē based in Hong Kong. OTV: When did you first realize you wanted to pursue a career as a luxury bag designer? AJ: I always wanted to go into fashion when I was younger, but in the end my conservative family wins and ended up becoming an architect, and then switched occupation again by working for my family’s corporation. While I enjoy my work immensely, I started ESemblē as a creative outlet—a labor of love if you will. As to why a man would design women’s handbag instead of men’s bag, the answer is simple: women’s handbags are more fun! OTV: What was your biggest challenge when starting your own l

The Devil's in the Details

Metal accessories, tassels, specialty embroidery, futuristic prints and only the highest-quality fabrics are the keystones of men’s footwear design brand Louis Leeman. Partnerships with Roberto Cavalli, Cesare Casadei and, most recently, Mary Katrantzou led to the development of the men’s collection seen on the runway of the latter’s SS18 show. Last year, Leeman launched their women’s footwear collection at Fashion Week, accomplishing yet another milestone of the young brand. Creative directors (pictured on the left) Louis Leeman and Erica Pelosini, formerly of Vogue Japan, brought the brand to life in 2012 to create a harmonious blend between beatniks, European style and the imcomparable q

Q&A with Bera Madra: Ancient Turkish craftsmanship alive and well

OTV: Who is the designer behind Bera? BERA: Bera was founded by three women with the idea of marketing traditional handcraft to the whole world. Our founders, Büşra, Özge and Beyza, desire to shift the brand to the international arena by putting together trends, art, iconic designs and strategy. OTV: When did you first realize you wanted to pursue a career as designesr? BERA: A handbag is an irreplaceable accessory for a woman, and we knew that we should have a brand. In time, we decided to accelerate our dream because it was getting harder to find a unique bag – a bag that is beyond standards, special, modern and hand-crafted. OTV: Who are your biggest mentors in this industry? BERA:

Pursuit of the most-imperfect sunglasses

Xiwen Zhang was beyond frustrated searching for the perfect pair of sunglasses. But, instead of waiting for a new season’s collection from a luxury brand, she set out to make her own sungless. How hard could it be? In the process, her eyewear brand, For Art’s Sake, was born. The line appeals to a broad range of consumers who appreciate the FAS design inspiration -- this season the Pantone Color of the Year Ultra Violet delivers a punch -- bold styles, and price points. “We are loved by trend setters, art lovers, and fans of high-quality, unique products,” she says. “We set out to make sunglasses of exceptional quality, with an affordable luxury price tag, so finding the right producer to wor

Belquis and Italian luxury traditions

Designer Reem Salman is a lawyer by profession, a mother of two and a self-confessed handbag addict who realized her passion in Italy in the summer of 2012 when she met a handbag manufacturer who agreed to work with her on her line, Belquis. "It was pure coincidence,” she says. “It was a deep learning curve for me, as it took it on my own one step at a time. I never studied fashion design, so from translating ideas to paper, working with a manufacturer who didn’t speak English, sourcing the leather and hardware – everything was difficult at the beginning.” Each Belquis bag is a story of craftsmanship. Each limited-edition bag is made with attention to details to become the beautiful bag that

Alejandra G: fearless design meets philanthropy

Alejandra G learned how to make hand-crafted shoes in shoe design school in Milan and launched her first collection in the winter of 2012. Composed of exotic printed leathers and eye-catching colors, Alejandra’s collections are not only luxurious and innovative; they are inspired by European trends. “You can’t teach creativity, but you can learn how to make a shoe from scratch,” the energetic, family-oriented designer says. While many say that beauty is pain, Alejandra doesn’t agree. “I make beautifully designed yet sexy heels that are comfortable,” she boasts. “Nothing is better than when a client says, ‘I can’t believe how sexy yet comfortable your shoes are.’” The advice-giving shoe desig

Farnis handbags: strong geometric lines and luxury finishes

FARNIS is a Spanish luxury handbag brand co-founded by Carlos Farnis and Marta Mejias based on the concept of craftmanship of the high quality and unquestionable luxury. Farnis bags are perfectly finished to withstand the test of time. The bags are works of art with beautiful pink Italian pouf lining in every Farnis bag, coupled with 24-carat gold-plated finishings, are highly sought-after by bag aficionados. Assembled carefully by Spanish craftsman over the course of days and weeks, the delicate handling and fidelity to concept drawings set Farnis apart from other luxury handbag designers. Carlos, the architect, is the creative director while Marta is the CEO. Carlos, in his creative role

Manipur, India, 11th World Cup Results

Take a long step back into ancient history heading due east. Where current day India ends past Assam (renowned for Assam and Darjeeling tea), and Burma land of rubies and teak, now known as Mynmaar begins, lies the ancient kingdom of Manipur. Abutting the Shan peoples and hills of Burma and possessing tremendous commonalities with them, Manipur converted to Hinduism in the 1600’s by royal decree. Today while it is 44% christian in denomination, and 2% mohammedan, the remaining 52% of the population are of the hindu faith. In hindu mythology it was Indra god of the heavens who gifted the winged horse to man, by slashing its wings to remain below. An offshoot of this legend is that of the Mani

Hidden Gem Destination: Kabik's Chic Chateau in Haiti

Paradise exists, here and there, all over our Earth. It redefines each discovery, each panorama. It is found in Haiti, near the village of Kabik, 25 minutes from the port city of Jacmel. Of breathtaking exotic beauty, it is like entering El Dorado. We arrive at Chic Château, an ecological property, nestled in the calm and green of its environment. Boasting simplistic architecture, but filled with mystery and the charm of thatched roofs, with decor reminiscent of a sultan's palace with wooden balustrades around each balcony. There are hammocks, a mini pool, flowers, flowers and more flowers. Art is everywhere: the floor, the walls, the gardens, the view, even breakfast is an art! This marvelo

$185 Million Swiss Castle hits market in St. Moritz

The most expensive estate in Switzerland hit the market for a staggering $185 million. The architectural marvel features a ceiling with floating candles that rivals Hogwarts’ Great Hall and is perched on snow-capped mountains in the Engadin alpine valley region. At a little over 43,000 square feet, Lonsdaleite is a combination of sharp geometric lines and neutral tones that ensure unrivalled elegance throughout the property. A dramatic entryway leads to the grand reception, where 35-foot floor-to-ceiling windows reveal sweeping views of the surrounding mountains. Rectangular strips of mink cover an entire wall opposite the dual-arched fireplaces. On the side of the grand reception is a crush

Finding your "Why?"

How are your New Year’s resolutions going? Odds are, not very well. According to U.S. News, approximately 80 percent of resolutions fail by the second week of February. Setting and keeping resolutions can be difficult when you don’t know why you are doing it. As with all things in life, it is extremely difficult to do anything when you don’t why you are doing what you are doing. This surpasses beyond resolutions. Whether it is work or career choices, athletics, relationships, or goals, you will not be able to enjoy what you do or follow through on your goals if you don’t understand the why. Understanding your motivation for what you are doing enhances your focus, directs your attention to

Explosive strength a 'must' in athletics

Sports require maximal amounts of speed, agility, endurance, power and muscular strength. Successful programs are correlated with a strength and conditioning coach’s ability to manipulate training program variables. These variables are, but not limited to reps, loads, sets, rest, number of exercises, exercise type and the rate of force applied to each power lift. Athletics require high rates of force development, which is the maximum force and the time it takes to reach maximum force through muscular contractions. Rate of force development can also be coined “explosive strength.” What is Explosive strength? Explosive strength is when a basketball player jumps for a rebound or to dunk. Or whe

Unique craftsmanship is inspiration behind Nannacay

Marcia Kemp always had a strong desire to help those in need. This passion began with a volunteer job at the Children’s Institute and later led to many corporate citizenship projects. Alongside this need to help, Marcia has a great passion for traveling. Curious to experience new cultures, traditions and people, Marcia always gave herself the most exotic itineraries. During one of her trips, Marcia experienced the most unique craftsmanship. She knew what she had seen needed to be shared with others. Thus, with a goal to conquer the fashion industry, Marcia launched Nannacay (originating from Quechua Aymara, Nannacay, meaning sisterhood of women) with a new social fashion project: Creative Ha

Head of Security Adam Jarrell / AZ Consulting

Adam Jarrell of AZ Consulting boasts over 20 years of experience in the military, law enforcement, narcotics detection K-9 handler, executive protection, estate protection, private security consulting, private investigation, and hand-to-hand combat. His father was a US Marine and his mother is a chief probation officer. He’s combined his upbringing with his career path and passion for protection in order to provide services to some of the most delicate and difficult security situations in the world. As he explained to Polo Lifestyles, the foundational aspect of providing security to a client is the threat assessment combined with the advance work done prior to the start of any protection job

Beach Polo World Cup: Flirty fun in South Florida

Strolling down Collins Avenue and turning right into the W South Beach, colorful banners welcome us to the return of Beach Polo World Cup. There’s a static of excitement in the air. Karma Automotive luxury cars sparkle in the sunlight as sun-kissed fans admire the curves and beauty of the sleek machines. Valet parking in front of the W looks like a scene from a movie as a line of cars as far as you can see inch forward, tops down, windows open, music blasting, keys and tips are exchanged with the friendly valets, and attendees dressed in beach chic are whisked away to the grand entrance of “Beach Polo World Cup 2018.” We pass the retail village, complete with La Martina Polo’s limited-editio


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