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Cannes: Life's a Beach

CANNES, France (Reuters) - Every year the French Riviera town of Cannes rolls out the red carpet to A-list celebrities at the world’s most glamorous film festival. Now it wants to roll out a bigger beach too. The Mediterranean resort is shipping in 80,000 cubic meters of white sand - enough to fill 32 Olympic swimming pools - to widen the beach along a 1.4 kilometer (0.9 mile) stretch of seafront beside the famed “Croisette” promenade. From Brigitte Bardot in the 1950s to Nicole Kidman and Leonardo DiCaprio in more recent years, the Croisette’s fine sands, glitzy hotels and gourmet restaurants have hosted film’s biggest stars during the annual festival. By the time of this year’s event in

Go Out and Do It: Get Started

How badly do you want it? How badly do you want to achieve your goals? How badly do you want to be successful? We spent the last two columns discussing what you want, understanding why you want it, and how to properly set goals in order to achieve what you want. However, planning is the easy part, Now you have to go out and do it. No matter the path you take toward your goals, there are bound to be challenges that present themselves. This is inevitable, so think about potential challenges that you may face toward reaching your goals. If you want to lose 50 pounds this year, what will you do if you get sick or if you get injured? If you want to make a certain amount of sales, h

Youth Performance Training

Youth, parents, and the education system should be on high alert. Budget cuts, electronics, and an increasing sedentary lifestyle have lead to less developed and overweight youth. The days of yard work and outdoor activities are gone. What is left are overweight, underdeveloped, and less physically active youth. These characteristics result in lower levels of muscular and neurological development. In September of 2009, the magazine Pediatrics released its findings from a study on injuries to youth. The findings were astonishing. Between 1977 and 2007, injuries to youth whom were involved in physical education classes increased by 150 percent. Of the 150 percent, 52 percent were in middle s

Bejeweled Victorian Treasures

They’re self-acclaimed treasure hunters, for whom travel is a passion and, now, a necessity for sourcing their one-of-a-kind pieces. Chloe, one of Toni’s five children, studied music and theater in college and never imagined co-operating a successful business with mom Toni. Their shared love for Victorian-era jewelry led them to begin creating custom pieces that eventually launched their brand Toni+Chloe four years ago. “The brand came about after a trip to London. While visiting a friend, I decided to explore an antique jewelry market and fell in love with a diamond crescent. Once I returned to NYC, I strung the crescent on a loose chain I found in my jewelry box. It was as if I were wea

Alessa Design for Luxury Nomads and Timeless Fashionistas

At the age of 14, Alessandra Robles began with sketches and playing with stones as a creative outlet, soon thereafter realizing jewelry design would become her life’s work and dedication. An insatiable appetite for creativity led her to study gemology in San Diego, Calif. In 2009, together with her husband and business partner, they founded Alessa Jewelry, a modern, vibrant and edgy brand. Their newest collection, Amara, features pieces that took over eight months to make. “My favorite piece right now if a cuff bracelet from the Amara collection,” she says. “The cuff is inspired by women and is a tribute to the same – a call to your inner goddess. The ethos behind this piece lies in th

Sparkling Creations of Sabrina Mittler

German goldsmith Sabrina Mittler’s sparkling creations, adorned in white boxes with “SaM” in gold, are the perfect accessory for an afternoon at polo. “I design for the woman who knows what she wants and enjoys life every day,” says Sabrina. Completely customizable, her pieces are designed in solid precious metals – silver, gold; usually imprinted with a pattern, texture or print to make each piece truly unique. Bracelets with golden and silver emblems, necklaces and rings, and earrings make Sabrina’s clients sparkle in any and every room. Her experience dates back to the tender age of 18 when she apprenticed with a traditional goldsmith. During different periods of studying and working,

Dazzling High Fashion Show at the Haitian Embassy in D.C.

Colorful paintings in beautiful ornate frames served as backdrop to well-dressed members of D.C.’s high society, dignitaries, and celebrities who sipped rum sour cocktails created by renowned chef José Andres of Minibar. Models glided down the elaborate staircase and made their way through the lavish ballroom. The event, “Diplomacy by Design,” was hosted by the Embassy of Haiti in partnership with D.C. Fashion Week. The runway show featured collections of four renowned designers of Haitian descent: Victor Glemaud, Prajjé Oscar Jean-Baptiste, Kerby Jean-Raymond, and Azède Jean-Pierre. This event was of special importance to Haiti’s Ambassador to Washington, the Honorable Paul Altidor wh

Chef Thia heats up our Kitchen

There’s something about the flavors of Caribbean island food: the fusion of French, Spanish, African, and indigenous traditions; prepared with citrus, slow-roasted in broths, peppered with fresh herbs and fragrant spices, and finished with spicy condiments and served at a table set for your whole family. Celebrity chef Cynthia Verna, better known as Chef Thia in culinary circles from Miami to Port-au-Prince and beyond, knows the power of well-prepared island food. Hailing from Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Verna recently adapted traditional island foods to be vegan-friendly, resulting in a 30-pound weight loss. At 42-years old, Verna looks better than ever and is promoting healthy Haitian cuisine i

Meet your Match: The frontier of cloning polo ponies

A perfect polo pony whose success on the polo field was abruptly cut short, Cuartetera’s legacy lives on. And on. And on. And on. Fourteen near-identical clones of Cuartetera are the result of years of attempting to replicate the champion pony. While the cloned ponies different slightly physically, Adolfo Cambiaso, who knew Cuartetera the best, says the ponies all share her disposition and natural inclination for the game of polo. During the Argentine Open, Cambiaso and the other La Dolfina team members mounted cloned ponies to face Valiente in the final match. It was a historical moment for a centuries’ old sport. Cambiaso recounted to 60 Minutes that he put great consideration into the s

Tower of London hosts Oxford Polo Club

Oxford University is a brand that sells itself. It does not need any introduction. Like every proper millennial institution (the University has been established in 1096) it has its history, rituals and clubs. As we are here to celebrate polo, we interviewed Natasha Salonen, Ball President at Oxford University Polo Club (OUPC), who organized and hosted a fairy-tale ball nothing less than at the famous Tower of London on February 23rd. About 240 lucky ladies and gentlemen got the chance to have a private visit to the Crown Jewels, drink champagne in the White Tower and dine in the Armories. Like in a modern Disney movie, after midnight everyone moved to a romantic cruise on the Thames, it up b

Young Guns: The Netherlands Mel van der Kamp

From the prestigious Stal Wilten grounds in Nieuwleusen, a small town in Overijissel, emerges an 11-year old equestrian prodigy, equal parts accomplished rider and photogenic middle schooler. Mel van der Kamp is the shining star of the Wilten brand. He began riding only three years ago, when he was 8-years old. Under the coaching of owner Roy Wilten, Kamp’s on a trajectory toward his Olympic dreams. “The horses love him,” says Stal Wilten about the young rider he scouted at a horse show three years ago. “And I believe so much in him – he’s very special. He demonstrates such appreciation for the horses and opportunities he has.” “I love that, with horses, you have to work together as a team,”


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