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Mold Your Mind: Fuel your Fire

Nervousness. Anger. Frustration. The list can go on and on, but these are a few common feelings that derive from poor performances or never-before-experienced situations. These feelings can have a debilitating affect on your performances, as well as our everyday lives. They can restrain us from experiencing positive emotions, opening doors to new opportunities, and tie us down so we cannot spread our wings. However, since these feelings are common, we can use them to our advantage and they do not have to hold us back from experiencing life and excelling during performance. I want you to picture an automobile. What makes an automobile run? Gasoline. Without gasoline, you will not g

Summer Tips for Fast Loss Part I

With the heat wave in full effect and the allergies kicking into high gear, this can only mean one thing… time to take those shirts off, head to the beach, and show everyone what you’ve been working hard for. All those countless hours in the gym, deciding whether to push that extra rep or that extra 10 minutes of cardio, has finally started to pay off. Unfortunately, for those who did not get into these activities, you are behind a bit. For either crowd, here are some tips that are going to take you to another level, which will have everyone taking a second look as you walk by this summer. Always eat breakfast Choose a low glycemic breakfast that is high in protein, such as lean meat,

Free Chateaux in Italy - Be the King (or Queen) of your own Castle

Did you ever think that you could fulfill your cycling and villa remodeling fantasies in one fell swoop? Now, thanks to the Italian government, you actually can. A new program, dubbed Cammini e Percorsi, which roughly translates to “paths and routes,” will allow people to apply to receive a historic castle or villa that has fallen into a state of disrepair. Typically, the available structures are off the beaten path of the traditional tourist circuit. In fact, many of them are on biking and pilgrimage routes. From the perspective of the Italian government, the program will both alleviate the overcrowding of popular cities like Venice and Florence, and allow for historic properties to be

Rooftop Guide: Cannes' Best Views & Brews

Spectacular rooftop bars – most of them on the top floors of luxury hotels – with panoramic views both of the city and the Mediterranean Sea abound in Cannes. Cannes is synonymous for luxury and luxury is synonymous for expensive, so get ready to swipe your preferred credit card. A lot. Cannes’ best terraces have fantastic views over the Mediterranean Sea and the surrounding stunning natural landscape. Sunset is the best time of day for the Cannes’ rooftops, and our favorite thing to do during sunset is to enjoy a cocktail, taking in the magical and very Instagram-friendly sites. Le360 Rooftop Radisson Blu Le360 rooftop bar in Cannes overlooks the Mediterranean Sea, the mountains, the cit

Where to Have Fun on the French Riviera

Monaco's Nightlife Monaco nightlife is as hip as any on the coast, by turns hot and cool, and can be ludicrously expensive. Last time I was in the legendary Jimmy’z, a beer cost me €26. Jimmy’z The HQ of Monaco hipdom for 40 years or more - it was launched in 1974 by the legendary Regine - Jimmy’z is huge: half inside and half outside (in the very pleasant Japanese garden) – and wholly outrageous. It’s no-less-so since full refurbishment in 2017. If you want to share a dance floor with George Benson, Lionel Richie or Pink, you’ve as good a chance here as anywhere. The super-VIPs are now directed to - new in 2013 - the Boom-Boom Room overlooking the dance floor. Philipp Plein, the famou

A Decadent Degustation of Edible Haitian Cuisine

New York City – On May 18, Haitian Flag Day, the James Beard Foundation hosted a dinner with an all-star lineup of Haitian chefs. James Beard, a name synonymous with fine cuisine, provided guests with the opportunity to take part in the celebration by showcasing Haiti’s rich and flavorful cuisine. James Beard left behind a culinary legacy which continues to live on through his foundation, whose mission is to “celebrate, nurture, and honor chefs and other leaders making America’s food culture more delicious, diverse, and sustainable for everyone.” On that night, Haiti’s culture was celebrated, its people nurtured, and the cuisine honored. The chefs came together and again demonstrate

Royal Wedding Dress Designer: The Commission of the Year

Clare Waight Keller reveals that not even the people who worked on the dress knew it was for the now-Duchess of Sussex. The woman behind the royal bridal gown says Prince Harry thanked her for making his new wife look “absolutely stunning”. Birmingham-born Clare Waight Keller also revealed that not even the people who worked on the dress knew it was for the now-Duchess of Sussex. Nor did she tell her own husband and children until hours before the wedding, adding that it was “truly a secret Meghan and I shared”. Waight Keller, who made history as the first female artistic director at French fashion house Givenchy, was revealed as the designer of the eagerly awaited wedding dress on Satur

The Royal Wedding in Photos

The polo-playing Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, wed the American-now-Duchess of Sussex on May 19 in Windsor to worldwide fanfare and celebration. Moments of absolute pomp-and-circumstance tradition were met with instances of humanity and compassion not common in royal weddings. Prince Charles, particularly, was praised for walking Meghan to the altar and later for escorting her mother, Doria Ragland, to the side room of the chapel and emerging from St. George’s Chapel with the Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall on one arm and Mrs. Ragland on the other. References were made to the late Princess Diane, such as the bouquets and an empty seat inside of St. George’s Chapel. The Palace revealed t

Soul Deep. Chapter 2. Felix Monza

If James Dean, Ghandi and Kurt Kobain by some miracle of nature came together and bore a child, it would probably be Felix. He is a non-conformist, that’s the first thing you’ll notice about him. While he deliberately opposes the ruling norm, he shows great respect for it. He walks about with a first-book Harry Potter-esque slouch that contrasts with his elaborate tattoos. The second he stops and looks at you, the feeling is piercing but comforting. He speaks with a permanent smile on his face and his prose has purpose and intent. He is young but wise. He is uber-talented but humble. He is one of my favorite talents I’ve discovered this year and I’m quite sure he’ll be on of yours, too. I pr

Meet the Children of Billionaires

Most kids face the same problems growing up, but some do so with a billionaire parent. When not running their tech company and managing other executives, many of the world’s richest people and most recognizable business moguls have the universal job of taking care of their children. The kids of the richest business moguls have many of the same experiences as everyone else. They go to school, relax on vacation, date, and eventually have children and careers of their own. However, they may also attend secret schools, pursue expensive hobbies like riding horses, or head up their father’s charity organization — less than ordinary experiences that make their childhood the opposite of average.

Formula One's Star: Lewis Hamilton

Precision driving of roaring million dollar engines reaching speeds of over 200 mph, thousands of racing fans cheering ecstatically, anxious and enthusiastic team members in the pit, all breathlessly await that moment when the winner flashes across the finish line to lift a Formula One Championship. With their families, sponsors, team and fans, they relish the victory by popping a magnum bottle of champagne and famously spraying the masses. Lewis Hamilton, 33, has done just that four times in his illustrious career. Fascinated with the sport at an early age, he began successfully racing remote controlled cars at six, moving on to karting at eight. By the age of 10 - with a little less than

The World's Most... Luxurious Automobiles

Last month, we brought Polo Lifestyles readers “The World’s Most Luxurious Sneaker” by Athletic Propulsion Labs. For our “The World’s Most…” content this month – and appropriately fitting with our Formula 1 cover – our senior global style curator Trystanne researched The World’s Most Luxurious Automobiles. These four-wheeled creations will not only get you where you’re going, but they will get you where you’re going in a hurry and in major style. From Rolls Royce to Ferrari to Bugatti to Mercedes to Aston Martin, here’s the best of the best when it comes to luxury automobiles. The Rolls Royce Sweptail, Estimated at $13 million Rolls Royce, the exquisite British car company, unveiled the worl

Rocky's Passion for Polo

Sylvester Stallone is well-known for his Hollywood action roles, including boxer Rocky Balboa, but the Hollywood legend has a long association with the refined polo lifestyle. Stallone’s interest in polo was inevitable, given the rich equestrian history of his family. His father, the late Frank Stallone, was a professional polo player who rode horses in Italy before emigrating to New York in the 1940s. “The name Stallone translates as stallion, or horse,” Stallone said. “So my family were horse people to begin with, going right back. But they weren’t rich people, they were peasants.” He emigrated to the United States to pursue his American Dream, but also to get away from horses, to do somet


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