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Mold Your Mind: Be a More Effective Communicator

Communication was an area I struggled with up until the beginning of my graduate program back in 2014. Difficult conversations were exactly that: difficult. I avoided them at all costs. I would shut down, close myself off emotionally, hold grudges against people who disagreed with me, and I would typically be left feeling alone, depressed, and frustrated. I realized the importance of communication during one of my classes, when communication was the topic discussed. In “The Five Side Effects of Bad Communication,” Paul Joliecoeur says, “Improper communication can lead to a lack of production, broken relationships, less understanding, and an increase in negative emotions, such as frustration

Summer Tips for Fat Loss Part II

After reading part I, one should acquire an understanding of how to achieve maximal fat burning through carbohydrate intake and timing, protein and fat selection, and the right types of foods for breakfast. Moving forward, part II will provide further information on topics such as what to drink, adequate ingestion of select macronutrients, and what must be avoided and added into each meal. Remember, consistency with the following tips is the only way to achieve optimal amounts of fat loss… Eat fat and protein with every meal. Choosing to eat healthy fats, even healthy saturated fats, in combination with protein every meal will help regulate insulin levels. Insulin sensitivity is directly cor

Summer Rooftop Splendor in Miami - Madrid - Stockholm

Globe-trotting Polo Lifestyles contributor and The Rooftop Guide CEO Hans Ebenman has been on the move between Stockholm, Miami and Spain to bring us his most recent recommendations for best places to flock to this summer wherever you are. Season premiere for Summer@Winery Rooftop Terrace “Wine, Food, Pool, Music”: that’s how the winery hotel describes summer on their terrace. Polo Lifestyle’s Rooftop Guide CEO Hans Ebenman was at the 2018 season opening and we can only agree with these words, adding “super atmosphere and unbeatable views.” The Winery Hotel opened in 2016, so this is the third summer to enjoy a rooftop bar experience in Solna, a suburb about 15 minutes from central Stockh

Salud! Exceptional Spanish Wine Destinations

From luxurious converted monasteries to hotels designed to look like a row of Cava bottles, the choice for wine lovers visiting Spain has never been more exciting. Spain has exceptional vineyards and wines. It has beautiful wine regions. And its tourism is getting ever better, with producers offering everything from ballooning to yoga and cookery classes, in addition to wine tasting and food pairing. Spain certainly has some very fine hotels in wine regions, as well as fascinating and original boutique offerings where visitors are welcomed warmly. But – and there is inevitably a ‘but’ coming – wineries with hotels are really hard to find! In the list below there’s nowhere in Txakolí country,

La Indiana Victorious in Cartier Queen's Cup

Michael Bickford made it third-time lucky on the Queen’s Ground at Guards Polo Club. His La Indiana team fought back from a 6-4 deficit at half-time to win the Cartier Queen’s Cup 9-7. Bickford, who has been a finalist in the previous two years, was the winning patron this time around, receiving the prestigious silver trophy from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and Laurent Feniou of Cartier UK. Bickford’s teammate, Facundo Pieres, who last added his name to this high-goal trophy in 2016, was named the Cartier Most Valuable Player after turning the game around in the second half. His second favorite pony, Cube, winner of the Best Playing Pony prize on this day in 2015, was named top equine a

The World's Most... Sinfully Indulgent Hotels

Last month, we brought Polo Lifestyles readers “The World’s Most... Luxurious Automobiles.” For our “The World’s Most…” content this month, our senior global style curator Trystanne Cunningham researched The World’s Most... Sinfully Indulgent Hotels. The Hôtel Plaza Athénée, perhaps the most famous hotel in the world, is befitting of its mention in the first spot. An ultra-luxury submarine that docks in Caribbean ports is unlike anything you’ve ever imagined; truly the experience of a lifetime. A palace-turned-hotel in Jaipur will transport you to another era and the beloved Hotel President Wilson in Geneva. Hotel Plaza Athénée - Paris, France Those distinctive red awnings. The unparall

The Secrets of his sweet Vendetta

We met Garrie Renucci on a windy and cloudy Sunday at Ham Polo Club, where he is a proud member. He just finished playing with his own team, Vendetta, and won the Petersham Bowl Cup. GDP: Hi Garrie, let’s start from the beginning: what brought you to play polo? GR: During spring 2015, I was on a road trip in California, riding a Harley Davidson close to Santa Barbara and I got stuck in the traffic. The queue on the street was so long that I started wondering, What was the reason? and Where are all the people were going? I decided to let all the cars before me pick my destination and I ended up being at the famous Santa Barbara Polo Club. It was love at first sight. I immediately understoo


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