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Luxury & Enchantment in Queenstown, NZ

Nestled into the south-end of the south-island, it’s a tourist road traveled. Although it attracts its fair share of thrill-seeking adventurists, vacationers are more likely to opt for the big(ger)-city appeal of Christchurch or Auckland for trips over the Tasman. But we’re here to convince you otherwise. Set beside a glittering lake, surrounded by snow-tipped mountain ranges, Queenstown is a traveler’s paradise on the rise. High-end eateries, boutique hotels and best-of-the-best wineries make up the luxury landscape, which offers unique experiences and scenic tours. Interested in taking a trip lake-side? Well, do it in style. STAY In between hilly hikes and wine tasting, you’ll want a re

Team Pilot wins USPA Gold Cup and $125,000

Team Pilot secured its title as the winner of the USPA Gold Cup on March 25 with a score of 12-11 over Aspen at the U.S. Polo Assn. Stadium Field at the International Polo Club Palm Beach. With the latest win from Pilot, the stakes are higher than ever with the potential of a first-ever Gauntlet of Polo champion. The next chapter will be determined on April 21, after Pilot competes in the U.S. Open Polo Championship March 27-April 21. The inaugural Gauntlet of Polo was created to develop a high-stakes polo competition that offers players and fans an exciting three months of the highest level of skilled athletes, equine partners and strategic planning that ends with $1 million prize across

Letter from the Editor - April 2019

When we planned our trip to New Zealand to cover “The Polo” (you’ll have to read the cover story to understand if you’re not from New Zealand), we could have never guessed that our eight days of polo, parties, and glam would be followed up with a ghastly massacre a few weeks later in Christchurch. It’s nearly impossible to know what to say to someone when a tragedy like that strikes. "Kia Ora," the traditional Maori greeting, literally means to "have life." To the executive director of "The Polo" in New Zealand, I simply sent a message that said, “Unfathomable what happened in Christchurch. Look for love and light in dark times. Hugs.” What happened next had nothing to do with my text,

New Zealand "The Polo" Open: Summer's Pinnacle Event

The good traveler inside all of us knows that picking up local monikers and phrases is key to successfully engaging in conversation when abroad. Even before our arrival in Auckland, we were hearing the phrase “The Polo” in reference to the New Zealand Polo Open – rather than, say, The Open, or The Polo Open. Interesting, we thought. We need to know more about this. “It’s similar to how people say ‘The Classic’ to refer to the Veuve Clicquot polo events,” said Lucy Ainsley, event director of The Polo. It’s also extremely flattering, I added, in talking with Lucy. “Yes, it’s very flattering to have our event, the Land Rover New Zealand Polo Open, be known across the country as The Polo. As i

Horsepower & Polo: SuperCar Week hits Palm Beach

There’s a lot happening in Florida during the winter. With promising forecasts of sunny days with sea breezes, snowbirds make their annual migration to escape the cold and families jet southbound on holiday. While the wildly popular vacation destination certainly sees an influx of tourists and beach-goers, every winter, skilled show jumpers and professional polo players from around the globe descend upon Wellington, Fla., for another season of competition. After all, Florida is home to the equestrian capital of the world. However, for the last nine years, the Sunshine State welcomed another type of horsepower: January’s annual SuperCar Week that puts Palm Beach County on the map as the

Wealth: Is 2019 the end of opulence?

WITH A DEPARTURE FROM TRADITIONAL SIGNIFIERS, THE WORLD'S WEALTHIEST ARE EMBRACING DISCREET SPENDING ON SECURITY, EDUCATION & TRAVEL Long synonymous with dripping diamonds, flashy Lamborghinis, Louis Vuitton luggage, and shiny Rolex timepieces, the world's wealthiest are becoming more discreet with their riches. Showing off wealth is no longer the way to signify having wealth. Investing in things like education and health helps the rich propel social mobility and gain access to what the middle class cannot. While flashiness is becoming less ubiquitous among the ultra-high-net-worth crowd, they’re spending more than ever before on security and privacy, trading in hilltop houses for homes


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