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Want to vs. Have to

Take a second to think the last time you used the phrase “I have to…” or “I need to…”. Chances are you do this subconsciously without being aware of what you are saying, but I want you to look back at that statement and think about what it is that you had to do, or that you needed to do, and ask yourself: “Did I really need/have to do that?” The problem with using the terms “need to” and “have to” is that it applies unnecessary pressure to the situation. A common phrase I hear amongst my peers is “I have to go to the gym”, but do you really have to? What will happen if you don’t? The feelings of guilt, disappointment, and self-defamation are typically derived from our inability to cop

Abs = Performance

The title says it all, “Abs Equal Performance.” Everyone wants them, everyone likes them, but most people cannot get them. Whether your abdominals are hidden or visible, they lead to improved performance in every facet of life. As an athlete, having a well-developed core increases your performance capabilities through improved agility, coordination, power and strength. As an average fitness enthusiast, having well-sculpted abs will improve your workouts, daily life, sex appeal, confidence level and health. I think an early conclusion is, no matter who you are, abs can increase performance in every facet of your life. Studies have linked abdominals to numerous benefits, including the f

Authentic Communication, Part I

Jyoti Paintel-Bowles Spirituality Contributor If we can assume that there is some truth to the quote above, it would appear we must learn to express ourselves properly if we want to experience real joy in life. We must be able to build bridges of communication because these bridges become our connections to happiness. Communication is at the heart of every meaningful interaction that humans have, but many of us struggle with the ability to speak freely. Authentic communication demands courage, skill, determination and a lot of practice. Real communication requires you to be honest with yourself, because that’s where the connection begins. If miscommunication is a common theme in your li

Post-Communism, Poland's Food & Wine Scene Blossoms

At the risk of sounding like a national self-deprecator—quite a common trait for Poles—I can safely state that Poland’s history has been unusually turbulent. Its geographic positioning between two ferociously aggressive and greedy empires, Germany and Russia, combined with internal dysfunction often caused by innate provincialism and political pettiness, has turned Poland into a nation of schizophrenic political instability. Most recently, the post-communist era has been yet another tumultuous trial. After nearly half a century of the Soviet Union’s merciless oppression and human rights violation, Poland, like all other ex-communist countries, was thrown into the unfamiliar territory of a

Smashing Records and Glass Ceilings

The rise of the female voice and presence in the art world, and the rise in the feminist movement have been inextricably connected over the years. As women have pushed for equal representation, influence and power across all facets of society, the art world has been one of the most responsive to this noble, and to be frank, long-overdue campaign for change. However, while there has undoubtedly been great traction made where leading galleries headed by women are concerned, with recent statistics suggesting as much as 60 percent of art galleries have women at their helm, it’s only in very recent times that the push for greater representation has also impacted female artists. Indeed, male

FRERE's Menswear Collection

Davidson Petit-Frère, the Haitian-born menswear influencer, founder and designer behind the once custom-tailored suit brand, FRÈRE, recently made his runway debut as a full-on designer for gentlemen. The brand, known worldwide for its well-made suits worn by bloggers and sartorially savvy businessman, already has an identity. The suits, signed FRÈRE, needed no introduction, since they are easily recognizable for both their perfect execution, impeccable fabric and classically chic design. When news of FRÈRE’s runway announcement first broke, expectations were high. We were anxious and excited to see how Davidson would translate his aesthetics into a more commercial clothing line while

Women, Power & Philanthropy

Philanthropy knows no gender, but historically, it has been the male-dominated titans of industry and their subsequent accumulation of family wealth over generations that has meant it is mostly the men of great charity whose names the history books record. The first and second industrial revolutions spawned the Rockefellers, Morgans, Venderbilts and Girards. Perhaps most famous, is Andrew Carnegie, the Scottish-American steel baron, who gave away more than $350 million during the latter part of his life in the early 20th century. In today’s dollars, that equates to nearly $6.5 billion. But, given the topic of this month’s issue of Polo Lifestyles, we are focusing on women in philanthropy.

Bentley Unveils Ultimate Summer Convertible

WALNUT CREEK, Calif. -- Local luxury car and wine connoisseurs gathered at Shadowbrook Winery in anticipation of the Bentley GT Convertible unveiling. Over wine and appetizer pairings, guests admired a wide selection of the Bentley line, including the Bentayga SUV. The dramatic unveiling involved frosted glass, mood lighting and champagne. As the baby blue GT convertible was revealed, car enthusiasts flooded toward the shiny automobile, to test its bucket seats and inspect notable detailings at a closer range. Truly a car worthy of the Bentley collection.

Africa Cup: Cell C at Inanda Polo Club

Johannesburg - It was a day of African fashion, champagne and riveting polo at the Cell C Inanda Africa Cup, which took place this past weekend at the Inanda Club, located in the heart of Sandton. The tournament brought a pivotal moment for Titan Law Zimbabwe as they won the clash for the 2019 championship title, clinching the most coveted polo trophy. Distinctive in their team colors, flaunting thrilling action and showing extreme skills of the highest degree, the esteemed team earned a final score of 6-3 over Kego Mining South Africa. The enthusiasm of match commentator, Matt Poll, kept everyone on the edge of their seats throughout the grand finale match. The score was 0-0 at the end o

UK Polo: Cartier Queen's Cup

On Sunday, June 16, stylish A-listers and royals turned out for the Cartier Queen’s Polo Cup final. Dressed in a customary bright pink ensemble, guest of honor Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II presented the silver cup to Scone Polo, who beat out favorite Park Place 9-5 in the final. Park Place also finished runner-up last year. The Cartier Queen’s Cup is a 22-goal polo tournament played at the Guards Polo Club - often regarded as the highlight of the British social season. Members of the Royal Family, including the Duke of Sussex Prince Harry, have previously competed in the tournament, though earlier this year it was reported the Duke of Sussex would be scaling back his involvement in the

Essential Picnic Luxuries for Summer Entertaining

July is a time for celebration on both sides of the Atlantic. The month holds great significance for France and America, so whether your flag of red, white and blue is striped or includes stars, revolution and independence are the raisons d’être for picnics and fireworks (les pique-niques et les feux-d’artifice.) After helping America win its war against the British, the American’s declaration of independence on July 4, 1776 emboldened the French and they decided to undertake their own revolution, which began with the storming of the Bastille on July 14, 1789. We have a lot to thank our ancestors for, but, putting guts and glory aside, let’s talk about what’s on the menu for these summer p

Women + Power: The Most Influential Figures Right Now

The number one spot on the Women + Power 2019 List goes to New Zealand's Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, who is not only the youngest head of state in 15o years in New Zealand but also highly respected around the world for her response to the Christchurch terrorist attacks. She's also a mother and recently engaged to her long-time partner. Full list and write up: issuu.com/pololifestyles/docs/july19pl/68


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