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Paradise exists, here and there, all over our Earth. It redefines each discovery, each panorama. It is found in Haiti, near the village of Kabik, 25 minutes from the port city of Jacmel. Of breathtaking exotic beauty, it is like entering El Dorado.

We arrive at Chic Château, an ecological property, nestled in the calm and green of its environment. Boasting simplistic architecture, but filled with mystery and the charm of thatched roofs, with decor...

December 30, 2017

Fanm Mòn is a symbol of femininity, a mix of modernity, age and freedom, favored by celebrities Laurynn Hill, one of the twin sisters Wonder, TK, and recently Morgan Stewart.

This young brand launched in 2013 under the creative direction of Sophia Demirtas, originally focusing on making unique and creative jewelry. Sophia later changed the focus to the women’s ready-to-wear line. 

The name Fanm Mòn, a reference to Sophia’s Haitian roots, is signific...

December 30, 2017

Mateo Coles, a young sportsman aged 17, is imbued with an indelible love for horses and equestrian sports. When he was very young, his parents introduced him to riding horses at the equestrian center Les Samans, where he started with his coaches Romy Tchudy and Daniela Roy.

Horse riding has always been a theme of the Coles’ family life, especially for Mateo’s brother, who unfortunately suffered a concussion after falling from a golf car and was for...

December 30, 2017

There’s a checklist of a star’s life: living every moment, desires always met, lives full of follies, fantasies, and a job we love—a wonderfully perfect life that inspires others and illuminates their days. Raphael Mendonça can check off all the tick marks. 

Handsome, young and rich, he is a genius with class, talent and a dream life. The current Creative Director of Vogue Brasil counts among his friends the richest and most powerful people of Saõ...

December 30, 2017

Valerie Noisette curates Kolektif 509 Contemporary Haitian Art exhibits at the historic gingerbread-style gallery “Villa Kalawès” in Pétion-Ville, Haiti. Polo Lifestyles recently caught up with her at the opening of “Elements of (de) Construction.”

CP: What prompts you to create your drawings? 
VN: As an artist, I’ve gained a lot of experience in the last decade, I have reached a new level. Some things change over the years and bring new energy to...

November 29, 2017

The centerpiece of the man’s winter wardrobe is, as always, the coat. For the neat, elegant and refined man, only a quality coat will do—one of high fashion, neutral, and made of wool in a weaving such as sparkling woolen, double woolen or woolen sprained.

The coat must be silky in appearance, with a soft texture, regular sewing, well done buttonholes, and a viscose, polyester, or silk lining. A fur-lined coat is extra chic. A perfect finish w...

November 29, 2017

At Villa Kalewès, a gingerbread-style building in Port-au-Prince, Kolektif 509 hosted “Elements of (de) Construction,” an art exhibit featuring two talented young artists: Valerie Noisette and Phaidra McQeen Sterlin.

Noisette greeted us with sparkling eyes and a smile, a kindness almost out of the ordinary. Born in Queens, New York, in 1982, Noisette lived part of her childhood in Chicago, then Miami before finally returning to Haiti in 2010 after...

November 29, 2017

Exclusive interview with one of the artists from the “Elements of (de) construction” exhibit, Valerie Noisette (pictured at right in red)

Q : What prompted you to create these beautiful works? 

A : As an artist who has gained a lot of experience in the last decade, I have reached a new level. Some things change over the years and bring new energy to my work, which we can see today compared to my previous work. The energy that emerges is a part of yo...

November 29, 2017

Exclusive interview with Phaidra McQueen Sterlin

Q : Who is Phaidra McQueen Sterlin? 

A : I am a contemporary Haitian artist who appreciates her environment, which has a certain nostalgia for the time when I grew up. I analyze the reality of today. 

Q : Do you draw inspiration to create? 

A : My inspiration is 80% taken from the Haitian daily life: in the streets, the tires of a car that quite often leads to a political movement, artists, typically Ha...

A well-dressed gentleman is like a thunderbolt, capturing attention without excess, combining luxury and taste. A gentleman adapts to trends because he already knows what he wants and likes to bring a bit of novelty to his personal style. The 2018 trends in men’s fashion will add a punch to his daily life. 

Men’s Bags: 
The most en vogue bags come from fashion houses such as Billionaire, Hackett, Bleu de Chauffe, Herschell, Louis Vuitton, Longcham...

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