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From an early age, my appreciation for a beautifully wrapped gift was noticeable to all those in my household. 
I requested that all gifts be wrapped in the matching paper and ribbon that I selected. As children, around Christmastime, we view a wrapped present with more reverence than we do as adults. When it comes to gifts, this childlike sense of wonder remains with me. During the holidays and, especially at Christmastime, as children we obvious...

Story by Kenneth Carrion de los Condes

Photography by Claire Barrett

My father introduced me to opera at a young age when he played his collection on Sundays. He kept his prized vinyl records in several beautiful, black-velvet lined boxes—his favorite record being Carmen. 
On Sundays, when my mother took my two younger brothers and me to church, my father listened to opera with the stereo volume turned up so loudly that he had to remove paintings fr...

A weekend getaway has many mental and physical benefits and has long been a popular choice for travelers, but in 2019, it is actually the number-one trend in travel. When deciding where to visit for the weekend, a couple of things might factor into your decision-making (as they did mine): proximity and a unique experience. 

Feeling refreshed, recharged and re-invigorated are often top of the list when deciding on how to spend that precious ti...

July is a time for celebration on both sides of the Atlantic. The month holds great significance for France and America, so whether your flag of red, white and blue is striped or includes stars, revolution and independence are the raisons d’être for picnics and fireworks (les pique-niques et les feux-d’artifice.)
After helping America win its war against the British, the American’s declaration of independence on July 4, 1776 emboldened the French...

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