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Hot Off The Runway

A well-dressed gentleman is like a thunderbolt, capturing attention without excess, combining luxury and taste. A gentleman adapts to trends because he already knows what he wants and likes to bring a bit of novelty to his personal style. The 2018 trends in men’s fashion will add a punch to his daily life.

Men’s Bags: The most en vogue bags come from fashion houses such as Billionaire, Hackett, Bleu de Chauffe, Herschell, Louis Vuitton, Longchamp and Thom Browne, and in a myriad of styles like the 24-hour and 48-hour, vintage, satchel, sport, messenger and weekend.

Chelsea Boots: The most elegant boots of all, Chelsea boots bear a military influence. The boots convey both a casual and a costume look—leather and suede with a little elastic on the side.

Fanny Packs: Gaining in popularity and practicality, fanny packs in all styles, shapes, and widths can be found in collections from Supreme, Louis Vuitton, Herschell, Nike, and Calvin Klein, to name a few.

Down Jackets: A trendy piece of sportswear, down jackets are available in leather or fur, lined with goose feathers, and hooded. The jacket’s extra-light material and quilted appearance provides a cozy wellness and makes for a timeless piece.

Corduroy Pants: Corduroys offer a particular charm over denim that will appeal to men in search of comfort. These eye-catching trends will bring happiness to the gentleman’s Spring 2018 wardrobe.

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