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Backstage with Angels in Shanghai

The backstage of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show was packed with journalists and editors from around the world to interview the stars of the runway. Oksana Vig, senior global fashion curator of Polo Lifestyles, talked to Tanzanian model Herieth Paul, British-New Zealander Stella Maxwell, and Brazilian Adriana Lima.

OV: Herieth, what are your emotions right now?

HP: Today is the best day of my life. Being part of the Victoria’s Secret cast for the second time in my career as a model is a great honor. I would like to thank Mr. Ed Razek for allowing me to live this experience once again.

OV: Tell me about your look today.

HP: I will not reveal anything for the moment. Be patient and you will see.

OV: What would you say to the readers of Polo Lifestyles in Haiti?

HP: I love Haiti. You know that I come from an African country and I always identify myself with this great nation.

Maxwell was toying with her phone during hair and makeup—perhaps texting with girlfriend Kristen Stewart.

OV: Stella, today is your fourth fashion show for Victoria’s Secret. How do you feel compared to the three previous years?

SM: It's always the same feeling. Nothing has changed. I'm so excited to walk the runway. This is the best show in the world. And I feel very lucky to be one of the Angels who will wear the creations of Olivier Rousteing. I love Oli.

OV: How many looks do you have today?

SM: Today, I'm wearing two incredible lingerie looks for the show. I feel so comfortable in them and I love my looks because they reflect my personality.

Lima was calm, unlike the other girls who were extremely nervous.

OV: Bom dia Adri! How do you feel being a top model with a record of 18 fashion shows for Victoria's Secret and the only one wearing the fantasy bra three times?

AL: Hi, bom dia! Do not make me feel old (laughs)! I learn new things every year and I fully enjoy each experience professionally. I am extremely proud of my career so far.

OV: Your best friend, Alessandra Ambrósio, just announced her final departure to dedicate herself to other things. Will you do the same?

AL: Making such a decision requires a lot of reflection. I have other goals to achieve, but I will not rush. I want to hit 20 (shows), which means I'll walk the Victoria’s Secret runway for (at least) two (more) years.

OV: What do you like most about the organization of the show this year?

AL: I really like the fact that Victoria’s Secret decided to come to Asia. China has a great culture. Another thing I like is the collaboration of the brand with Balmain. Olivier Rousteing is a genius who knows how to dress a woman. There is nothing better than having him with us this year.

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