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A Worthy Cause: Project St. Anne

This holiday in Australia, Haiti Polo Team is collaborating with the Land Rover Urban Polo Series to raise funds for Project St. Anne through silent auctions over the course of five cities in five weeks. Project St. Anne, founded by Naika Charles D’Haiti, is a favorite philanthropic cause of Polo Lifestyles.

The humanitarian aid group works with children and families on the southern coast of Haiti in the rural city of Camp-Perrin. Camp-Perrin was devastated last year by Hurricane Isaac. At that time, our editor was working with the Ministry of Health in Haiti to administer the cholera vaccination to 1 million Haitians. Camp-Perrin was part of his area of responsibility. The picturesque, largely agricultural city of 40,000 sits in a valley next to a natural lake. The natural beauty of the area, combined with the abject poverty common in rural Haiti, creates a polarity to manage.

That’s where Project St. Anne comes in. Founded by a small group of women passionate about giving back to their community, the project initially started in 2008 as an effort to commemorate the Feast of St. Anne, observed on July 26.

In collaboration with the Priests of St. Anne Church in Camp-Perrin, Project St. Anne distributed hot meals to families gathered for the celebration to spark hope by expressing international population care and value for their lives and future. The goal of Project St. Anne is to continue feeding the less fortunate, serving them with dignity, and providing them the opportunity to share a sufficient and satisfying meal.

Additionally, Project St. Anne supports children’s education, promoting and maintaining the future of Haiti through investment in the greatest asset, the future.

To make a contribution, visit

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