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Fanm Mon: Sophia Demirtas

Fanm Mòn is a symbol of femininity, a mix of modernity, age and freedom, favored by celebrities Laurynn Hill, one of the twin sisters Wonder, TK, and recently Morgan Stewart.

This young brand launched in 2013 under the creative direction of Sophia Demirtas, originally focusing on making unique and creative jewelry. Sophia later changed the focus to the women’s ready-to-wear line.

The name Fanm Mòn, a reference to Sophia’s Haitian roots, is significant to the designer. Meaning “peasant women” in Creole, the term is used loosely and at times in a derogatory sense. As a young woman in Haiti, Sophia was directly in contact with “fanm mòn” peasant women in the open-air markets near her grandmother’s village. Sophia paid close attention to their broad knowledge of traditional recipes and medicinal herbs. When she left Haiti at a very young age, she kept in mind the value of these fanm mòn and understood that their knowledge was a natural and unique gift.

In her designs, Sophia particularly appreciates embroidery that adds a touch of elegance and innovation to her creations. The final result is stunning.

Sophia’s style represents the feminine essence. As a result, she opted for a style more focused on length; not mini dresses. She focuses on the fluid movements of a dress worn by a woman, breathing freedom, with flowers, patterns and bright colors. Nature is the greatest source of inspiration for the designer.

Born in Haiti and currently living in Turkey, Sophia is heavily influenced and nurtured by Turkish culture. She juxtaposes these two worlds to play an important role in her creative ideas. She uses natural fibers—flax, and cotton and silk -- at the request of her customers.

She works closely with her husband, who is in charge of administration and the business side of Fanm Mòn, which helps Sophia focus solely on the creative side of the brand.

Sophia balances her ideas and creativity with a solid business spirit. Ultimately she produces not only to meet her personal expectations but those of her buyers as well. International fashion bloggers and influencers and social networks have played a direct role in brand expansion, and the brand is taking note and interacting positively to deliver returns.

Sophia also designs children's clothing and, at the request of her customers, men's shirts will be available in Spring 2018.

Sophia says she has a great admiration for Tory Burch and she truly feels honored to contribute to the emancipation of women in her sartorial comfort. “Women do not have to be afraid of, or intimidated by, their choices or their preferences, and do not have to wear black consistently to feel sexy,” she said.

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