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Gallops of Morocco

gallops of morocco

In less than three months’ time, over 100 horsemen from all over the world will be heading for the Moroccan desert, in the Drâa-Tafilalet region, amid the high and wild sand dunes of Merzouga, for a raid and adventure that resembles no other.

Even though it will be physically hard for horses and riders, the track will be unforgettable for all, with the discovery of unknown and breathtaking landscapes, encounters and special moments with horse riders from all sorts of places and disciplines: up to 12 countries are represented so far!

The adventure began a few months ago with route surveys and the preparation of logistics. It is an amazing human story for the organizers and participants, made possible with the implication of the Morrocan National Association of Equestrian Tourism and its parent company, the Moroccan Federation of Equestrian Sports. Through its partners organizations of the 2018 Gallops, two Moroccan teams will take part in this raid, which is not a race in itself, but a course that includes regularity tests over 200 kilometers, divided into six phases of 25–40 kilometers to be completed within an ideal timeframe.

Alongside the Moroccan teams sponsored by the SOREC, other countries have already committed themselves, such as the Sultanate of Oman, representing its sponsor, the Royal Cavalry. Oman is the place where the adventure first began in 2014, with the first edition of the Gallops (of Oman), which marked all, filling the minds of participants with incredible visual and human memories. Alongside the host and founder nation, two other nations from the Gulf are represented: Kuwait and Qatar. The organizers also registered teams from Indonesia, America, Luxemburg and Ireland.

Naturally, France, which brought the highest number of participants in 2014, will take part with over 40 horsemen. The party spirit of the first edition will be rekindled in the forthcoming raid: it will sparkle every night in camp with great Moroccan gastronomy and parties will continue with traditional Moroccan shows and animations inspired from movies. Celebrations will be highlighted, namely with the unforgettable White Party under the desert stars and the adventure will end at the hotel Kasbah Xaluca at the desert’s gates.

In short, a festive and original adventure around the Barbe horse and Arab Barbe horse, staged in the magical desert of Merzouga from February 25 to March 4, 2018!

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