Luiz Rocca on shoes, coffee, training horses and travel

Shoe designer Luiz Rocca feels the creativity of designing footwear runs through his bloodstream. And that makes him believe in himself. It's genetic! His parents knew how to pass on the legacy and the lifestyles his great-grandparents left. He has always enjoyed a luxurious life since he was a child. For him, being able to always enjoy everything is living intensely. He often enjoys it in all his trips around the world. His favorite countries are the United States and France, and he has an affinity for Asia as well. His travels inspire him with new ideas for color combinations and styles for his shoes. He likes to put into play in his productions what few have the courage to do. He believes audacity is in us.

Luiz is a person with a hyperactive mind; his brain never stops working. His day is very hectic, with the next one beginning practically as the previous one ends. Even in bed, he is thinking about what to do the next day. He cannot have a very quiet night’s sleep because of this mental activity. When he does his best he can relax and enjoys his home, which is a paradise on earth. In the morning, he tends to his dog, Chow Chow, taking him for a walk and to do his physical exercises in their neighborhood.

Luiz is addicted to coffee. The Colombian cafe is predominant in his area, but he particularly prefers the Brazilian one. In the morning, he generally takes his coffee and prepares a light meal to prevent his body from wasting energy in the digestion of food, helping his mind stay focused. He leaves for work and from this moment, he put himself in a bubble to get what he plans for the day. He does in the present what he wants to achieve in the future, and the secret of this concept is emotional intelligence, the inner self.