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Luiz Rocca on shoes, coffee, training horses and travel

Shoe designer Luiz Rocca feels the creativity of designing footwear runs through his bloodstream. And that makes him believe in himself. It's genetic! His parents knew how to pass on the legacy and the lifestyles his great-grandparents left. He has always enjoyed a luxurious life since he was a child. For him, being able to always enjoy everything is living intensely. He often enjoys it in all his trips around the world. His favorite countries are the United States and France, and he has an affinity for Asia as well. His travels inspire him with new ideas for color combinations and styles for his shoes. He likes to put into play in his productions what few have the courage to do. He believes audacity is in us.

Luiz is a person with a hyperactive mind; his brain never stops working. His day is very hectic, with the next one beginning practically as the previous one ends. Even in bed, he is thinking about what to do the next day. He cannot have a very quiet night’s sleep because of this mental activity. When he does his best he can relax and enjoys his home, which is a paradise on earth. In the morning, he tends to his dog, Chow Chow, taking him for a walk and to do his physical exercises in their neighborhood.

Luiz is addicted to coffee. The Colombian cafe is predominant in his area, but he particularly prefers the Brazilian one. In the morning, he generally takes his coffee and prepares a light meal to prevent his body from wasting energy in the digestion of food, helping his mind stay focused. He leaves for work and from this moment, he put himself in a bubble to get what he plans for the day. He does in the present what he wants to achieve in the future, and the secret of this concept is emotional intelligence, the inner self.

A self-proclaimed workaholic, Luiz thinks of work 25 hours a day even though there are only 24 hours in one. He does not usually have a normal routine because sometimes he spends weeks away from home doing business or he travels outside of the country, applying knowledge built on decades or even centuries of the Rocca family. Every day he conceptualizes his mantra by saying he will conquer the world!

The love for horses comes from his family too; his grandparents had a ranch where they raised horses. Some horses are easy to tame and others very difficult. The secret is to find the point of balance. Finding the secret got Luiz into the horse world, and it quickly turned into a passion for him. He loves horses and cannot figure out living without them. For him, horses are the most precious animals in the universe. He uses equine therapy to find peace with himself.

He considers himself an extremely vain man who likes to dress well and use the best products. He likes to make the connection between brands and products, in which they generate quality and well-being. He exercises to keep his mind focused and keep a medium-sized body. He does not like anything that is extreme; he likes balance. The part of his body he takes care of it the most is his hair by making some eccentric and daring cuts. His favorite brands to wear are Hugo Boss, Gucci and Burberry for shirts and he also appreciates local brands from his country. He often buys his jeans from Diesel.

Luiz will turn 31 at the end of January and his brand is already 12 years old. As the CEO of a Brazilian luxury brand, he really supports all the brands from Brazil that offer very good quality products. His favorite place to take his breakfast is his private residence. But there are places around the world that are magnificent; one of his personal favorites was at Angkor Wat in Cambodia. Usually he spends that moment of the day with his dog, Chow Chow, or his family members.

Luiz has visited more than 25 countries. He was especially impressed by three of them: France, Belgium and the United States. France for its matching of the beautiful paradisiacal beaches, Belgium for its contemporary art, and the United States for its spectacular luxury spots. All these things inspire him in an unspeakable way, but Paris is a city that enchants him, with its high fashion and the best gastronomy in the world. San Pedro do Atacama in Chile is another city that he loves. In fact, it is a very small place with attractive hotels and climates to rest an overactive mind. Luiz is a nature lover. He has known many different cultures and finds it hard to pick a favorite. Every place that he visited has a special value in his life. The favorite nightclub where he always enjoys going with his friends is LIV in Miami.

Luiz does a routine treatment with the best dentist in Belo Horizonte in Brazil, and he does not let anyone touch his hair besides Elias from SeuElias Barbershop. In Brazil, barbershops have become a male icon. And Elias is a professional who does a remarkable job.

The main reason why Luiz travels so often is that he uses his trips to rest his mind, acquire new inspirations and discover new cultures, and that motivates him to love his life more, which makes him earn lots of money and know what to spend and feel fulfilled. Ferrari is his favorite car.

In the fashion industry, Luiz maintains a very tight friendship with Oksana Toussaint-Vig and Bárbara Santiago, CEO of Santiago Tailor, the only Brazilian woman who designs luxury tailoring. His ideal place to spend a good weekend is at the beach or at Fountainebleau Hotel in Miami Beach, where he can find luxury products and peace that he needs to rest. The event of the year that excites him the most is the AmfAR gala dinner.

He likes the city of São Paulo very much and has many friends there. He often goes with them to the clubs. When he travels the most important things he takes with him are footwear, clothing sets and enough money to spend at the best restaurants and tours. Winter is the season he likes the most. He can work while enjoying the cold. During the weekend when he is in Brazil, he stays at the spa that he has in his house and drinks homemade beers. The latest trends in his wardrobe are: printed beach shorts, slippers, linen shirts, loafers and sunglasses. During summer in Brazil, his morning beauty routine is taking a warm bath, trimming his beard, taking care of his hair and putting on the clothes that will accompany him and make him enthusiastic for the day. As a fashion personality, he defines his lifestyle as something that balances luxury and simplicity. Luiz does what few have the courage to do and believes his followers have an overwhelming desire to use his creations. Luiz Rocca is a brand that offers an exclusive lifestyle.

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