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Model Behavior: Andreea Sasu

Andreea Sasu considers herself to be a very private person from Romania. On her social media, she shares moments with friends, her work, the things that she likes, the books she reads. As a child, her dream was to join the police force; when she was only 18, she won her first beauty contest, and her life moved in a very different direction. She moved to Milan, to start her modeling career, competing constantly in beauty competitions.

More than one year ago, she created an Instagram account to publicize her lifestyle, the public's adoration was overwhelming. Her fans who follow her every move love her simplicity, her kindness and her humbleness despite her famed and wealth.

Andreea’s Beauty Regimen:

One of her social media strategies is to make every day look different. She changes and try new things every day. When she is not working, she wakes up at 9 a.m., making sure she had at least eight hours of rest during the night. She takes a healthy breakfast right before going to training. After a quick lunch, she goes to the library looking for something new and interesting to read. She tries new recipes and shares new dishes with her followers.

She is a passionate equestrian. Growing up in rural Romania, she particularly felt love for horses. She rode every day by the time was around 7-8 years old. Today, wherever she is, she finds riding stables and gets a horse to go for a ride alone in the mountains or on the beach. “In these moments, I feel absolutely free,” she said.

Because she wears a lot of makeup for her work, to maintain her complexion, she uses a great natural face wash “Tea Tree Oil,” organic coconut oil and her smoothie to keep her skin glowing. She always put sunblock in the morning before her workout, which she does makeup-free. Apart sunblock, she uses a facial cleanser, serum and light moisturizer from La Prairie, La Mer and Valmount. She tries and shares new products every day. No matter how tired she is, Andreea never goes to sleep with her makeup on.

One of her beauty secrets is her dentist, Dr. Esposito, by whom she swears. Her dermatologist, Dr. Toffanetti, recommends the best skin preservation treatments and products. The team of Aldo Coppola is responsible for her hair. She’s particularly close to several of the top hairdressers on the team, considering them industry confidants and friends.

Andreea’s Favorites:

She has a particular attraction for Italy, the country where she is living. Few countries receive as many accolades for their beauty as Italy. The most inspiring cultural treasures, the bigger concentration of beauty. Venice, Florence, Rome are varied by their architecture, the perfect naturalist painting that is the Amalfi Coast. Italy is history and romance. She thinks no country in the world offers as much beauty as Italy. She describes Venice "As one of those cities where even if you are the most cynical person in the world you won’t be able to help but fall prey to Venice’s romantic charm."

Her favorite hotel in the world is Bel Air of Los Angeles. The stunning hotel is set in a paradise garden, surrounded by 12 acres with Hollywood style. Guests are treated as royalty during visits.

The Carnival of Venice is her favorite event of the year. It is where all social classes mingle, and the fact of wearing a mask offered an unique possibility to remain anonymous. Despite her deep love for Italy, her favorite place in the world is Monte Carlo. It has a little bit of everything: warm water all year long, the quality life, security, beautiful beaches, very fine dining and hot clubs – all the check boxes for the jet-set life. On the rare occasion that she goes to a club, she chooses Jimmy’z in Monte Carlo.

Andreea drives a Mercedes Benz CLA as her daily car. She wears Philipp Plein 90 percent of the time even though she likes anything that makes her feel comfortable, which is the key of her elegance. In the fashion industry, her personal friends are Domenico Dolce, Stefano Gabbana and almost all the crew working for Philipp Plein.

Andreea’s Closet:

The main reason why almost all her wardrobe is Philipp Plein it is because Philipp Plein was her fiancé. She “loved him more than anyone” in her life. In addition, the brand is “cool, young, fresh, sexy and makes people feel extraordinary.” A look into her wardrobe, discovers the latest trends in fashion: velvet dresses, Paete blazers, slogan T-shirts, sneakers for every occasion, wide-leg pants, chain-strap bags, statement sleeves, vintage-style jeans, and lacy tops.

In a changing fashion world, where we have all-access to the person behind the makeup and photos, she believes firmly in using that platform to spread positivity and good energy. “It is extraordinary to be (yourself) in every way,” she said.

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