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Solidly Anchored in Jewelry

Chris Warner, brand director of Anchor & Crew and lifestyle brand Satori & Scout, discovered a passion for all design fields from a very early age. Now a leading men’s jewelry brand, Anchor & Crew’s humble beginnings evolved into a headquarters studio located in a part of Great Britain that once saw Paul Smith, Vivienne Westwood and Jonathan Ive emerge as iconic international designers. Located in one of East Midland’s former Industrial-era brick-build workshops and with all the authenticity that accompanies this, Warner’s more recent Satori & Scout is a mirror in dedication toward progressive product design.

“(My brother) Andrew and I grew up working in retail jewelry with over 100 brands from across Great Britain and Europe. We attended world-leading trade Baselworld in Switzerland, Inhorgenta in Germany and International Jewellery London,” said Warner.

His passion for jewelry comes from the industry’s attention to detail and age-old craft. Having studied architect in university, applying attention to detail comes naturally for him. “The shift from designing entire city-centers (as an architect) to the micro-design of jewelry was both a challenge and a truly fantastic transition for me,” he said.

“Men’s jewelry is relatively small in terms of male-female jewelry brand ratio, and we’re happy to be a part of the growing trend,” Warner said. Males aged 23+ were the initial intended clientele, and demographically similar to Warner. Though the brand has evolved into being unisex and seemingly appealing to a nondescript age audience, it still enjoys the original target-market as core market.

Now launching into quality goods such as apothecary candles, leather accessories and various apparel lines, Anchor & Crew is diversifying away from jewelry. The brand can be found in boutiques and leading stores around the world.

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