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Energy Transfer: Valerie Noisette

Valerie Noisette curates Kolektif 509 Contemporary Haitian Art exhibits at the historic gingerbread-style gallery “Villa Kalawès” in Pétion-Ville, Haiti. Polo Lifestyles recently caught up with her at the opening of “Elements of (de) Construction.”

CP: What prompts you to create your drawings? VN: As an artist, I’ve gained a lot of experience in the last decade, I have reached a new level. Some things change over the years and bring new energy to my work, which we can see today compared to my previous work. The energy that emerges is a part of you; the connection is established.

CP: Is this the best way to connect? VN: I think there are a multitude of ways to share energies, and they come as I feel. You can bring energy through music, meditation or even personal motivational speeches.

CP: Of all these exhibits, do you have one in particular that makes you feel good? VN: This is a very interesting question because when you create pieces of art, it’s like giving birth to a child. They’re all special so I cannot say I have a favorite piece.

CP: How do you think your art could contribute to bringing Haiti to a higher level? VN: I want to use my work as a way to help artists express themselves better to others. Just like music invites you to meditate, my works push Renoir with their roots, the good energies.

CP: A message to our readers? VN: For me, every person who exists is an artist. I learned over the years to paint my emotions, which were most buried in me. It’s never too late—I started when I was already an adult. Creativity is one of the best ways to express oneself through art.

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