Head of Security Adam Jarrell / AZ Consulting

Adam Jarrell of AZ Consulting boasts over 20 years of experience in the military, law enforcement, narcotics detection K-9 handler, executive protection, estate protection, private security consulting, private investigation, and hand-to-hand combat. His father was a US Marine and his mother is a chief probation officer. He’s combined his upbringing with his career path and passion for protection in order to provide services to some of the most delicate and difficult security situations in the world.

As he explained to Polo Lifestyles, the foundational aspect of providing security to a client is the threat assessment combined with the advance work done prior to the start of any protection job. His agents are trained all over the world. “You’ll never hear me say there is any specific school, course, or academy that will completely prepare a person to conduct private close protection operations. These types of skillsets are garnered through real-life experience and training,” he said.

Not every job includes protecting clients. Sometimes, Jarrell is contracted to protect and move high-value items across borders or dangerous parts of a country. “I was asked to transport an item worth a fortune across the country alone. It seemed like an easy task but the planning involved was immense. The fact that you really have no idea how many people know about the transport can be nerve-racking. There are a lot of variables,” he said.

Another variable can be job security. Dealing with A-list celebrities, who are broadly considered the most difficult client to protect, can be extremely hectic, with priorities becoming clouded and re-arranged by the client or manager. The payoffs and experiences can far outweigh the uncertain variables. Jarrell has traveled the globe with AZ Consulting. Recently, Polo Lifestyles’ senior global fashion curator Oksana Toussaint-Vig caught up with Jarrell on a rare day off?

OTV: Who’s harder to protect: princes or princesses? Or... other?

AJ: I would say the most difficult out of almost every type of private client would be some A- List celebrities. It can be extremely hectic and a lot of times your list of responsibilities can become clouded. There also isn’t a lot of job security.