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Hidden Gem Destination: Kabik's Chic Chateau in Haiti

Paradise exists, here and there, all over our Earth. It redefines each discovery, each panorama. It is found in Haiti, near the village of Kabik, 25 minutes from the port city of Jacmel. Of breathtaking exotic beauty, it is like entering El Dorado.

We arrive at Chic Château, an ecological property, nestled in the calm and green of its environment. Boasting simplistic architecture, but filled with mystery and the charm of thatched roofs, with decor reminiscent of a sultan's palace with wooden balustrades around each balcony. There are hammocks, a mini pool, flowers, flowers and more flowers. Art is everywhere: the floor, the walls, the gardens, the view, even breakfast is an art!

This marvelous Chic Château came straight from the imagination of Janet Brubacher, who grew up in Canada, but spent part of her life in East Africa where she learned to adapt to the humid tropical climate. She finally attached herself to this part of the Caribbean called "The Pearl of the Antilles" – Haiti.

Chic Château has its own farm, to grow and harvest vegetables, spices and fresh fruits for the satisfaction of the sensitive taste buds of their clients.

With an overview that inspires a beautiful painting, we breathe the pure air of nature, we admire the greenery, we enjoy and appreciate the blue of the sky which is not threatened by frost, gray, or the noisy atmosphere of big cities... everything a tourist dreams about.

To further the exclusivity of Chic Chateau, only two suites are available. They are eloquently furnished to meet the demands of any traveler who comes to taste the sweet happiness and serenity of Kabik.

Chic Château is a little piece of paradise with boutique appeal for travelers from all over the world. Surrounded by beautiful beaches Ti-Mouillage, Raymonds-Les-Bains, and Cyvadier Plage, in Kabic, the hotel also serves guests all the culinary specialties of Jacmel. Cuisine in Haiti is a reflection of the cultural atmosphere and artistic soul of the people.

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