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Unique craftsmanship is inspiration behind Nannacay

Marcia Kemp always had a strong desire to help those in need. This passion began with a volunteer job at the Children’s Institute and later led to many corporate citizenship projects.

Alongside this need to help, Marcia has a great passion for traveling. Curious to experience new cultures, traditions and people, Marcia always gave herself the most exotic itineraries.

During one of her trips, Marcia experienced the most unique craftsmanship. She knew what she had seen needed to be shared with others.

Thus, with a goal to conquer the fashion industry, Marcia launched Nannacay (originating from Quechua Aymara, Nannacay, meaning sisterhood of women) with a new social fashion project: Creative Hands Transforming Lives.

The projects’ mission is to help people develop the creative potential of these communities, serving as a bridge between those who need help and those who want to help.

Delicately handmade, the pieces are extremely unique. Marcia, who lends her expertise to communities in Peru, Colombia and Brazil, coordinates all development, color pattern and quality control.

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