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Belquis and Italian luxury traditions

Designer Reem Salman is a lawyer by profession, a mother of two and a self-confessed handbag addict who realized her passion in Italy in the summer of 2012 when she met a handbag manufacturer who agreed to work with her on her line, Belquis.

"It was pure coincidence,” she says. “It was a deep learning curve for me, as it took it on my own one step at a time. I never studied fashion design, so from translating ideas to paper, working with a manufacturer who didn’t speak English, sourcing the leather and hardware – everything was difficult at the beginning.”

Each Belquis bag is a story of craftsmanship. Each limited-edition bag is made with attention to details to become the beautiful bag that celebrities and influencers are proud to carry. “The majority of my collection is inspired by the Italian leather industry, Italian culture and cities, since this all started in Italy. I love Gucci and their Italian DNA. My latest collection; however, is called ‘Arabian Nights’ and was inspired by the beauty of Arab women. I feel like a kid in a candy story when considering all the colors and textures and how they fit into our designs.”

Belquis bags are manufactured from genuine printed calf leather to give a distinctive character. Printed goat leather debuted in the latest collection. Additionally, a limited line features python leather. The cube-shaped Chiara is Salman’s favorite bag from the new collection. “It feels like a gift box and was designed to open like one to reflect that feeling,” she says.

When updating your bags this season, Salman dares you to be different. “Avoid trending bags that many others are carrying – create your own style for others to follow,” she says. Look for Belquis to be sold in fine retails stores near you as they are ever-expanding global sales.

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