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Farnis handbags: strong geometric lines and luxury finishes

FARNIS is a Spanish luxury handbag brand co-founded by Carlos Farnis and Marta Mejias based on the concept of craftmanship of the high quality and unquestionable luxury. Farnis bags are perfectly finished to withstand the test of time.

The bags are works of art with beautiful pink Italian pouf lining in every Farnis bag, coupled with 24-carat gold-plated finishings, are highly sought-after by bag aficionados. Assembled carefully by Spanish craftsman over the course of days and weeks, the delicate handling and fidelity to concept drawings set Farnis apart from other luxury handbag designers.

Carlos, the architect, is the creative director while Marta is the CEO. Carlos, in his creative role and architectural background, designs with a very clear vision about the way he contributes to the luxury industry.

Marta is actively involved in the creative process as a fashion enthusiast. They are an indivisible team and every Farnis bag is a mixture of both of them: he provides the silhouette, the architecture, and the lines; she provides the colors and functionality that each bag needs.

Farnis is an acronym for Force, Architecture, Rebellion, Neo-Luxury, Innovation and Symmetry. Founded in 2012 while Carlos was working in Rabat, Morocco, as an architect, where he felt limited and frustrated. “One spring afternoon walking through the most exclusive streets of Rabat, I focused on the luxury bags and I felt they were very similar among them. I thought the patterns needed more innovation and that offering something different was possible. That very evening I started working on my first sketches and to investigate the luxury business and I realized it is a constantly growing business,” he said.

Marta had only just finished university courses and was working for the Olympic Games in London. “He told me about his idea and I thought it was a great decision to contribute with my academic knowledge, my passion for fashion and my experience as the daughter of an entrepreneurial couple to this amazing project.”

Michael Jackson, David Bowie and Salvador Dali make the list of Carlos’ top three mentors and idols. “They have greatly influenced my personality and the way I create. In my opinion, they represent the real meaning of being an artist: to do what no one has ever done before.”

Farnis bags meet the needs of different styles through their line of totes, shoppers, shoulder bags and clutches. “It’s the geometry of our patterns that initially took six months of investigation. Each bag takes five days to be manufactured. “Our bags are classic bags with avant-garde lines,” says Marta. “The bags meet the functional requirements, but with an absolutely new design from Carlos’ talent.”

Farnis’ priority is the product, the quality and the design. “Marta and I are part of the Millennial generation, keenly aware of the importance of social media, digital marketing, and e-commerce for company (success) today,” says Carlos. “One of our goals is to continue developing our brand in this direction, to remain an international reference of quality and design.”

With their strong geometric shapes and lines, a Farnis bag feels like a piece of art. “Buying a Farnis is much more than buying a luxury bag. It is about having that bag that makes you feel exactly the same than the first time you had it, over and over again. Every time you see it, every time you wear it. It is much more than price or a trademark. It is about feeling that you are buying art, that you are wearing art.”

“The distinctive character of Farnis is the powerful lines of each design and the way to design it is simply something innate to me,” says Carlos. “Nevertheless, I am always studying the work of professionals who inspire me. For instance, I am currently studying the work of consolidated architects as Zaha Hadid or Mies Van der Rohe, the emerging artist Tony Gum and the singer Björk.”

As for recommendations from their collection, Carlos and Marta point clients to the Gran Matilda for day-to-day, Bravissimo, their best-seller that’s ideal for any situation, Greta, for a totally innovative outfit, and Sophia, their sophisticated jewel.

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