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Mucca: Scissor in her hand

“As a child, I loved to spend hours and hours in my grandfather’s workshop. He was one of the best shoemakers of his time,” says Irena Mišić Fileš the Croatian designer behind the brand Mucca. “I was keen on cutting leather and buzzing around the old Singer sewing machine. I still remember the scent and sound of the natural leather being cut with my grandfather’s scalpel. My passion for design stems from my early childhood,” she says.

That passion now produces the timeless Mucca fashion handbags, which are limited-edition in quantity and top-quality in handicraft production. The exotic leathers lused in the collections satsify even the most demanding fashion lovers.

As the designer and owner of Mucca, a brand that’s only eight years old, Fileš is involved in the challenge of concepting and manufacturing every bag. “I love cutting leather and creating new models of Mucca’s handbags. It is the part of the job that really relaxes and delights me. I sometimes work deep into the night until the handbag takes on the desired look,” she says. Top-quality finishes combined with specialty handicraft production and exotic leather selection giveMucca’s handbags their signature aesthetic.

The luxury handbag market presents a never-ending set of hurdles for young fashion brands. “The biggest challenge with each collection is answering the question that keeps coming up: ‘Will the market recognize the new model and the quality it offers?’”

“I plan to continue to successfully develop the brand and to delight customers around the world on a daily basis,” she says. “My biggest wish is that a woman, when selecting a Mucca handbag, feels an indescribable urge to have it, to feel the excitement and finally says ‘That’s it, this one is mine!’”

As for her personal favorite, Beguša Army model is her favorite handbag. “I take it to work every day. It is practical when I have to carry with me all those tiny things of my 15-month-old twins. I also like yellow Big Mama which is very spacious, functional and wearable.”

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