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Pursuit of the most-imperfect sunglasses

Xiwen Zhang was beyond frustrated searching for the perfect pair of sunglasses. But, instead of waiting for a new season’s collection from a luxury brand, she set out to make her own sungless. How hard could it be?

In the process, her eyewear brand, For Art’s Sake, was born. The line appeals to a broad range of consumers who appreciate the FAS design inspiration -- this season the Pantone Color of the Year Ultra Violet delivers a punch -- bold styles, and price points. “We are loved by trend setters, art lovers, and fans of high-quality, unique products,” she says.

“We set out to make sunglasses of exceptional quality, with an affordable luxury price tag, so finding the right producer to work with was my biggest challenge. We had to be sure that the quality wouldn’t be compromised under any circumstances,” Xiwen says.

Xiwen connects and communicates with her customers directly and easily with social media.

“Social media has made the fashion industry more inclusive, which is about time. We want our customers to feel good about being themselves and wear what they want, when they want.”

Imperfectionism, the design inspiration behind FAS, is defined by Xiwen as a creative, innovative experiment that is unafraid to take risks and appears imperfect in order to achieve something new and original.

Xiwen says, “I think all of us are sure about our own personal style, but some of us might be afraid to really own it and say ‘yes this is me’. Imperfectionism is about coming to terms with our unique style, learning to be confident and bold in it, and embracing it. That’s why imperfectionism such an important message for us!”

The 2018 Pantone Color of the Year, Ultra Violet, is currently inspiring FAS.

“We have a range of gorgeous, ultra violet sunglasses that people can wear throughout 2018. Above all, however, people should choose the sunglasses they feel resonate with their personal style most.”

With more innovative designs on the horizon, more art and more creative collaborations, FAS will also dabble in retail pop-up shops this year, maybe even at a few VIP polo sidelines.

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