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Q&A with Bera Madra: Ancient Turkish craftsmanship alive and well

OTV: Who is the designer behind Bera? BERA: Bera was founded by three women with the idea of marketing traditional handcraft to the whole world. Our founders, Büşra, Özge and Beyza, desire to shift the brand to the international arena by putting together trends, art, iconic designs and strategy.

OTV: When did you first realize you wanted to pursue a career as designesr? BERA: A handbag is an irreplaceable accessory for a woman, and we knew that we should have a brand. In time, we decided to accelerate our dream because it was getting harder to find a unique bag – a bag that is beyond standards, special, modern and hand-crafted.

OTV: Who are your biggest mentors in this industry? BERA: Undoubtedly, Turkish craftsmen – their teaching is one the touchstones of the Bera brand.

OTV: What role does social media play in fashion? BERA: It is a matter of fact that, social media has transformed the fashion industry. No one in these days can imagine a fashion brand without social media. We all are aware that globally well-known brands and social media influencer collaborations are mutually beneficial.

OTV: How do you want clients to feel when buying your handbags? BERA: Special! This is the correct word! We would like to be the love of the women that had enough the mainstream things they see always in social media, magazines, streets and on TV. Just imagine for a second, you are buying a bag and it has a finger prints of a craftsman on it who made the bag with 2,500 year old art. This makes every women feel special!

OTV: What is the inspiration behind your creations? BERA: Art and other everything is being fed by it. We love our bags and their stories. We really want our bags should revive different senses.

OTV: Where did you learn your craft? BERA: The handicraft of our first collection is Kazazie, and it’s handicraft method dates back 2,500 years. This is the handicraft from the Black Sea area, from where our family is from originally. Every single time we went back to the Black Sea, we see Kazazie, a handicraft that uses authentic silver ropes that are darned by hand. This art form doesn’t exist anywhere else. It could be used by a sophisticated woman but wasn’t seen as a luxurious item. That is the why, in a way, we decided to learn in detail and use Kazazie. There are many handicrafts that have already been forgotten. Kazazie should not be one of them.

OTV: From your collection: what is your favorite handbag and your favorite pattern? BERA: Our favorite is Ruka! Ruka is our lucky charm and our essential in all collections. Also, we will be having a crescent symbol made by a craftsman with gold dust and sand paper. So with this, the bag will reflect our culture in a very modern way. Unfortunately our fans will wait awhile to meet with this collection. But we are sure gold has never been that cool before!

OTV: You are located in Turkey and use mainly local suppliers. How does this enhance the quality of your handbags? BERA: Turkey has really high standards in terms of crafting. Of course, here we are talking about traditional and artistic standards not technology. If we consider that one of the keystones of Bera, it’s high quality so we are in the correct place.

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