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The Devil's in the Details

Metal accessories, tassels, specialty embroidery, futuristic prints and only the highest-quality fabrics are the keystones of men’s footwear design brand Louis Leeman.

Partnerships with Roberto Cavalli, Cesare Casadei and, most recently, Mary Katrantzou led to the development of the men’s collection seen on the runway of the latter’s SS18 show. Last year, Leeman launched their women’s footwear collection at Fashion Week, accomplishing yet another milestone of the young brand.

Creative directors (pictured on the left) Louis Leeman and Erica Pelosini, formerly of Vogue Japan, brought the brand to life in 2012 to create a harmonious blend between beatniks, European style and the imcomparable quality of Tuscan craftsmanship. The collections are perfect for the man obsessed with image since meticulous attention is paid to every detail.

“With Erica, I created a footwear brand to fill the gap in some specific shoes on the market,” Leeman says. “My favorite style is probably tasseled slippers, because it’s our brand signature style and I’m wearing it almost every day.”

The duo admires the evolving designs of the established fashion houses. “Heritage brands like Ferragamo, Dior, Balenciaga and Gucci play an important role in shaping our way of looking to fashion and design,” the designers said.

Louis Leeman designs are classic shoes in a modern world. “One of the key factors behind our brand is the mix between tradition and innovation. We’ve always been very keen in working with Tuscan artisans who are keeping alive very ancient traditions. Since our first collection we wanted to work with classic designs personalizing them with special accessories or applications and embroideries,” says Pelosini.

Their geographic location in Italy and use of local suppliers enhances the quality of the brand. “Italy and, especially Tuscany, is the heart for the production of luxury shoes, so what could be better than being located and working here with local artisans?” asks Pelosini.

Ronnie Wood from Rolling Stones wowed the designers when he wore their shoes. “Seeing one of your icons (wear) your creation for his gig is something difficult to describe in words,” Leeman says. We get it.

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