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Ela Arjandas: The Business of Social Media

“I never had any intention to start a blog or grow a large following on social media; one day I switched my private account to a public one – without any expectations,” says Ela Mois Arjandas. “Well, it went crazy, the account (grew) quickly and people were interested in my posts, asking about who I was wearing, my favorite products, and tips for where to go for dinner.” Ela’s piercing beauty along with unlimited access to the best-of-the best launched her into social media fame. Her husband, Anil Arjandas, already an experienced Instagrammer himself, helped her create her story lines, which includes daily – or more often – updates about bits and pieces from her every day life: thoughts, clothes, travel, her taste and veracity for new products. “I think back to the days (social media) used for be for furn. Social media friends were like a small virtual family sharing tips, ideas, getting to know each other and building friendships in an unconventional way. Now, things are a little different. Bloggers emphasize the professional aspects and tend to be more accurate in terms of style and quality. As a landmark in our everyday life, it’s gone from being a hobby to a full-time job in most cases.” The full-time social media brand manager works diligently on brand collaborations to set clear and strong expectations from the beginning. “I feel like both parts can bring something to the table: bloggers understand social media, know their audience and what kind of posts will succeed. When I have a campaign, I always make sure to send the post before to make sure my idea aligns with their goals. It is fun when we all put our minds together to come up with something inspiring, creating and unique. As long as the ideas and expectations are clear , the blogger-brand partnerships are a win-win situation.” “Right now there are so many accounts and so many people doing this, that you have to show followers what sets you apart – what makes you stand out of the crowd. It’s important to engage with people as you are sending a message, so make it worth their while,” Ela says. The Arjandas both work in the high-end jewelry design business Anil Arjandas Jewels, where they met when she was still Ela Mois – model, “it” girl and brand representative. She grew up in a “very close and happy family that developed with core beliefs and shaped” her. The two wed in September 2016 in Marbella, Spain. When speaking with Polo Lifestyles, Ela referenced Anil’s loving influence multiple times in her journey to becoming a fashion influencer and personality. What does a day in the life of Ela look like? No two days are the same. “I’m constantly traveling and on the move. Sometimes I miss routine,” she confides. Her routine – as much as possible – starts early with light breakfast and checking her social media and emails. She drinks 3L of water each day as part of her beauty regimen. Hotels check-ins and check-outs, visits to Anil Arjandas Jewels boutiques, lunches and dinners require that she looks her best at all times. “When it comes to my skin, hygiene is key. I (dealt) with acne for many years and learned the importance of removing makeup before bedtime. Any moisturizer must have a high SPF. A balanced diet and listening to my body are essential to me.” Ever a jewelry brand manager, Ela notes that while her closet is a mix of luxury pieces and off-the-rack, jewelry is an investment, appreciating value over the years. Her inside recommendation? Diamonds. Of course.

Ela’s favorites and recommendations: Favorite fashion treasures: “Leclaireur in Paris, Dover Street Market in London, The Webster in Miami – they all have really cool selections and exclusive pieces. For basics: Zara and H&M, and of course online stores.” Blogs and accounts she follows: @latenightinparis, @ericapelosini, @vintage70s and @sophiaamoruso Her daily beauty regime: “Nurse Jamie Clear Cleansing Bar in a Jar, followed by Kiehls Calendula infused toner and a rotating variety of moisturizers, including Perricone MD Hydrating Cloud Cream.” Favorite country: “Morocco. Everything about Morocco is magical, every corner is like a hidden gem. You can wander aimlessly through the souks, get lost in the narrow, labyrinthine alleys for hours and be amazed at every corner.” Favorite city: “London is so beautiful to travel around, it’s not only the historical and cultural relevance of the city, but its charming vibe. Don’t miss the avocado toast at The Wolseley. New York never gets old, its iconic skyline makes me feel every time like I am on a movie set. Dubai, you either love it or hate it... But I love it; it always surprises me and I am a Middle Eastern food addict.” Favorite club to let loose: “Cirque le Soire” Go-to brands: “Balenciaga , RE/DONE, Zara.. Hedi Slimane’s designs for Yves Saint-Laurent.” Best weekend getaway:” London.” Finish this sentence: I must go back to… “The Six Senses Zil Pasyon without a doubt. What do I start with.. The views? The impeccable service? The private island where it is located? Its secluded beaches? The food?” Hidden talent: “I love planning and organizing surprise parties. It’s fun and it always challenges me to come up with new ideas.” Travel essentials: Make up remover, moisturizer, hand cream, lip balm, sunglasses and passport

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