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Alessa Design for Luxury Nomads and Timeless Fashionistas

At the age of 14, Alessandra Robles began with sketches and playing with stones as a creative outlet, soon thereafter realizing jewelry design would become her life’s work and dedication. An insatiable appetite for creativity led her to study gemology in San Diego, Calif. In 2009, together with her husband and business partner, they founded Alessa Jewelry, a modern, vibrant and edgy brand. Their newest collection, Amara, features pieces that took over eight months to make. “My favorite piece right now if a cuff bracelet from the Amara collection,” she says. “The cuff is inspired by women and is a tribute to the same – a call to your inner goddess. The ethos behind this piece lies in the empowerment of women.” Referring lovingly to her clients as “luxury nomads” and “timeless fashionistas” one gets the impression that if she weren’t the designer behind Alessa, she’d be a client. The jewelry echoes her lifestyle and finds its home among those with synergy. “My pieces are designed to transition from day to night. An every day amulet, fine jewelry for my daily lifestyle. Yet, there is a series of memorable pieces that I value truly. They recall particular occasions, including the Spectrum bracelets I created for summers in Greece. They’re inspired by the Aegean Sea. Each design is created with magic and love from handpicked gems from around the world; curated, original and genuine designs with impeccable craftsmanship.” Her favorite materials? Gold and diamonds, naturally. Robles counts Fernano Jorge, Repossi and Irene Neuwirth among her personal favorite designers and inspirations for her own brand. Her global tastes are reflected in her vision for Alessa: “I see Alessa as an international desire to be worn amongst fashionable and sophisticated working women. It makes them feel powerful, beautiful and complete. It’s for them that I travel the global in search of unique designs.” And travel she does. “Travel is an escape from my every day routine that allows moments of silence and therefore channeling of thoughts and inspiration. My typical day involves the constant search of different sources of inspiration.” She also keeps an eye on social media, which plays a large role in her designs “The role that social media plays today is the influence of consumers’ opinions and the creation of a lifestyles,” she says. Part of that lifestyle, for Robles, revolves around bridal jewelry. “I currently design custom-made bridal pieces. I believe bridal jewelry applies to that special and unique bespoke design that tells a magical story.” We have a feeling Robles’ magical story is just beginning. Some content for this interview was provided by a former Polo Lifestyles writer

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