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Sparkling Creations of Sabrina Mittler

German goldsmith Sabrina Mittler’s sparkling creations, adorned in white boxes with “SaM” in gold, are the perfect accessory for an afternoon at polo. “I design for the woman who knows what she wants and enjoys life every day,” says Sabrina. Completely customizable, her pieces are designed in solid precious metals – silver, gold; usually imprinted with a pattern, texture or print to make each piece truly unique. Bracelets with golden and silver emblems, necklaces and rings, and earrings make Sabrina’s clients sparkle in any and every room. Her experience dates back to the tender age of 18 when she apprenticed with a traditional goldsmith. During different periods of studying and working, Sabrina started to travel and on one her trips, she found her new home, Dubai. Now operating her brand and workshop full-time from Dubai, Sabrina also finds time to refine her skills behind the camera. Her photos are her main sources of inspiration for jewelry designs. “Taking photos of impressions allow me to capture a moment of inspiration and transform that into something timeless – jewelry” Other inspiration dates back to her childhood – movies about Coco Chanel swept her off her feet. The glamour, the shapes, the lines. “I love her (Chanel’s) timeless creations. Tory Burch is another favorite of mine. Her designs are beloved and so many women identify with them. Nathalie Trad makes beautiful handbags.” Like other high-functioning, multi-tasking designers, her work day begins the moment she awakes. “I read my emails in bed,” she laughs. “I’m addicted to coffee, so I don’t lie around in bed too long. I’m up and at it.” She runs each morning around Dubai’s marina and makes an easy breakfast. Then it off to the office, lunches, client meetings, checking her social media, going to photo shoots, and tracking orders before heading home again. She’s happiest ordering Thai take-out and watching Suits on TV in the evenings. The working from her phone continues as she keeps up with social media throughout the evening. “Social media is such an important pat of the fashion world Everyone can influence a trend. As a small designer, it helps me a lot. Before a new designer would have a hard time getting started; now, I stand before my ‘jury’ each day (on social media). It can be scary, but there’s breakthrough.” Future project plans are kept closely under-wrap, but we understand Sabrina will collaborate with a designer on an installation project with 3D designs. “I will be putting my personal touch on it,” says Sabrina. Some content for this interview was provided by a former Polo Lifestyles writer

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