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Summer Rooftop Splendor in Miami - Madrid - Stockholm

Globe-trotting Polo Lifestyles contributor and The Rooftop Guide CEO Hans Ebenman has been on the move between Stockholm, Miami and Spain to bring us his most recent recommendations for best places to flock to this summer wherever you are. Season premiere for Summer@Winery Rooftop Terrace “Wine, Food, Pool, Music”: that’s how the winery hotel describes summer on their terrace. Polo Lifestyle’s Rooftop Guide CEO Hans Ebenman was at the 2018 season opening and we can only agree with these words, adding “super atmosphere and unbeatable views.” The Winery Hotel opened in 2016, so this is the third summer to enjoy a rooftop bar experience in Solna, a suburb about 15 minutes from central Stockholm. New for this year is an expanded menu of Italian street food and the new Winery Soul Sessions concept, which means that every Friday DJs raise the atmosphere an extra level. And just like last year, you can rent a day room at the hotel if you want to enjoy the rooftop pool on the terrace during one day. The season premiere was Friday, May 18th and the weather absolutely perfect for a rooftop visit! The first hour was for specially invited guests, and we were offered some of the hotel’s own Black Bottle Rosé along with different types of Italian cuts. All tasty and well-presented, and especially nicely served by the staff who are very attentive. Many orders for pizzas – there are two on the menu – baked to perfection up on the rooftop pizza kitchen makes the whole rooftop a veritable bouquet of the freshest ingredients melting into crust and cheese. Anyone who wasn’t already hungry heard their stomach growl. The natural choice of drink here is obviously wine, given that the hotel makes their very own. So that is highly recommended to try. But we also altered with some beer. They serve Birra Moretti on draft and a selection of craft beers in bottles. Among others we tried a NKB IPA, which worked perfectly with the pizza. In general, the evening was spent doing what you do best at Winery Terrace, simply socializing in the sun, in the pool, with good food and drinks in a relaxed environment. The Winery Hotel Roof Terrace definitely competes with the very best (new and classic ones) in the city. Sure, Solna’s skyline is not Stockholm’s skyline, but it’s a perfect option if you want a slightly calmer evening compared to the top places in town, which are often quite packed. Picalagartos at NH Collection Gran Via We secured an invitation to the grand opening of the newest rooftop bar in Madrid. Picalagartos Sky Bar is perched on top of the luxurious hotel NH Collection Gran Via, with breathtaking city views in all directions. The space is divided in three different sitting areas all with their own unique view. The biggest area has a bar counter and a small DJ booth. Everything was very new as this was the first day it was open. This roof terrace has great potential of being one of the best rooftop bars in Madrid. The view from here is quite magical. Sweeping city views over Madrid, as far as the eyes could see, and in all directions depending on what area you sit. We sat close to the bar where the vibe was most lively. When we arrived around 5:00 p.m. the place was quite empty, but after 45 minutes the terrace was almost packed with people trying to get a drink with a view. The crowd at Picalagartos is very trendy and sophisticated. Dress for success to blend in here. The live DJ created a superb party vibe but still calm enough for those who’d like to take it a little bit easier. We got some great seats in the corner of the terrace and here we could sit and talk without having to shout to each other. In other words, this terrace is perfect both for a after work and party – depending on your seats. In the bar the atmosphere is more lively and the closeness to the DJ booth creates a nice vibe. If you want one of the best gin and tonics in Madrid, Picalagartos is the rooftop to visit. Personally, this was one of the best I’ve tasted. Refreshing, ice cold and in a big glass – just like it should be. The place was crowded, which meant that it took some time to get our drinks. Picalagartos Sky Bar has the potential of being one of the best rooftop bars in Spain. The terrace is modern, party-friendly and vast. Lots of seats and a variety of different vibes and views depending on where you sit. The trendy crowd and live DJ creates a great atmosphere.

South Beach Views: Luxurious Day Beds and Great Rooftop Swimming The Gale South Beach has one of the best rooftop swimming pools in Miami. The view might not be the best in town, but the atmosphere and day beds makes this place a very nice spot to hang out during daytime. Bear in mind that you must be a guest at the hotel to be able to get access to the rooftop. The roof terrace at Gale South Beach is open from early morning until late evening. If you’re an early bird, you’ll have the whole terrace to yourself for a couple of hours. And that’s exactly what we did. When the sun started to rise at 7:00 a.m., we headed up to the terrace to enjoy the luxury of having the whole place for ourselves. The best thing up here though, is the big and heated rooftop swimming pool. It really adds that little extra to the whole roof terrace. Both in regards of the feeling and luxuriousness. The atmosphere at Gale South Beach is very calm and harmonious compared to many other places close by. South Beach is most famous for its lively nightlife. But despite being located on a busy street, the rooftop feels more like a relaxed, private pool area than a place where people gather to drink. During the afternoon there’s more people on the terrace, but there’s almost always a sun lounger or a sofa available to relax in. The hotel is very modern, fresh and with a luxurious touch. Everything felt very up to date and new. The regular rooms are quite small, but still with big bathrooms and with views of the city in some cases. On the first floor, there’s an Italian restaurant and café where they serve a superb breakfast with delicous Italian coffee. The fact that we love a good rooftop pool, makes our thoughts about Gale South Beach very positive and easy to summit. We loved it! The luxurious and comfortable seating’s in the relaxed atmosphere with views of South Beach makes this one of the best hotels for this matter. Ok, there are for sure more luxurious hotels here, but the mix of luxury, harmony and freshness makes this hotel a favorite for us. Follow @therooftop_guide on Instagram and on Facebook.

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