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Dressed for Summer all Year Long

For years, when critics referenced fashion in the tropics, it all came down to white linen, toes-out footwear and sunglasses. Not anymore. Here in the heart of the Caribbean, we are catching up to high resort trends from fashion's sunny capitals.

In the Caribbean, we have our own aesthetics, our own style insight and we’re loud about it. It’s an aggressive and in-your-face kind of thing. We wear bold prints, especially African- and Caribbean-inspired. Some like to either stay true to traditional type of dressing under the sun while otherslove to experiment with colors, prints (more quiet ones) and textures. Adding some high fashion flair to their style in order to stay original is a growing trend especially when it comes to the younger fashionistas.

We live in an eternal-summer state of mind and we’re constantly dressed for it. Thanks to the fact that we don’t need to transition from season to season, we have an advantage when it comes to shopping. The temperatures on the beaches vary about 8 degrees F all year long. We have hot and hotter. When we buy smartly and invest in solid pieces, we can wear what we buy throughout the whole year. Talk about maximizing your wardrobe.

Nowadays, the Caribbean swag is an international way of dressing. It is not that we are losing our identity; we are just evolving, catching up to international trends.

Currently, walking down the streets, it is noticeable to see a lot of bold solid colors, textiles and prints but with the start pre-summer here in the Caribbean, we appreciate a more international vogue of fashion and style. Neon, especially lime green is everywhere these days. There are more pastel tones right now on the boulevards than ever. We’re only few weeks into spring, so imagine what summer will bring. Monochromatic looks in bright tones and pastels are some of the trends I am rooting to see more here in the Caribbean at the beaches and hotels this summer.

Also, wearing suits with nothing underneath is big right now – so I would love to see this here. Both Caribbean men and women have some great bodies – show some skin by wearing a blazer on nothing but a bare chest.

Invest also in some tie-dye textured fabrics – they’re so in right now – and they can add freshness and versatility to a look. And one last thing, wearing one fabric from top to bottom can be chic, elegant and stylish. It can be a shirt with some tailored pants or shorts cut from the same cloth or a more casual piece like a t-shirt paired with jogger style pants.

But remember the golden rule: don’t wear trends just for the sake of it. The best way to incorporate trendy items to your wardrobe is to add, study and select some pieces to elevate your personal style.


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