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VIP Secrets for Flawless Arrival in St-Barths


One of the services we always opt for in St-Barths is VIP arrival and departure with St-Barths Services.

Brice Cagan, who's been our VIP handler for decades, strongly recommended our arrival and departure vis-a-vis San Juan, Puerto Rico. The jet charter service serving the San Juan to St-Barths route, Tradewind Aviation, had excellent reviews from everyone. "It's the new way to go," said Stiles Bennet, president of WIMCO.

As it turned out, our group of 11 was split between arrivals in San Juan and St-Marten. All on different flights and many on different days. "No problem," said Brice. "Send me the information."

There is simply no other way to start or end your vacation in St-Barths than with Service St-Barths VIP options for porter service, customs and immigration expedition, airport to ferry transfers, guided check in and luggage retrieval services.

For those opting to arrive via St-Marten, the VIP services are especially life-saving given the ongoing reconstruction around the airport area from Hurricane Irma.

Take our advice, call Brice.

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