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FRERE's Menswear Collection

Davidson Petit-Frère, the Haitian-born menswear influencer, founder and designer behind the once custom-tailored suit brand, FRÈRE, recently made his runway debut as a full-on designer for gentlemen. The brand, known worldwide for its well-made suits worn by bloggers and sartorially savvy businessman, already has an identity. The suits, signed FRÈRE, needed no introduction, since they are easily recognizable for both their perfect execution, impeccable fabric and classically chic design. When news of FRÈRE’s runway announcement first broke, expectations were high. We were anxious and excited to see how Davidson would translate his aesthetics into a more commercial clothing line while still keeping its DNA. And with the results of this first runway presentation, we were not deceived. With a fashion show whose audience consisted mostly of his faithful clientele, FRÈRE started strong with an assortment of finely tailored clothing mixed with hints of sportswear vibes that we had never seen Davidson present before. It was a surprise to see those bombers and suede baseball jackets matched with tracksuits in traditional menswear fabrics, but we could still see the essence of what he is known for with every look coming down the runway. The way he impeccably incorporated trendy elements and luxuriously accessorized with the color palette he’d carefully chosen to use was incredible, proving that he didn’t come to play in the menswear arena.

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