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Letter from the Editor August 2019

I love the August issue. For the Western Hemisphere, it’s the middle of the summer season and there’s no shortage of polo to cover. For this month, we turned our attention high-quality, high-goal polo that’s matched equally with an over-the-top party (or two or three). Our top two contenders are, of course, the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic in New York City and Sandpolo – British Beach Polo Championships in Dorset. The former is a one-day extravaganza of celebrities and champagne and the other is an entire weekend of polo, parties, celebrity matches, adapted rugby (on the sand), and DJs.

Without knowing any of this, our resident lifestyles expert Kenneth Carrion de los Condes called me to pitch his August column: a pas-a-pas guide to throwing a party abroad. With his invaluable perspective on parties, destinations, catering, florals and amenities, I held myself back from being too enthusiastic about the topic. After reading his content, I called our publisher and we changed the cover complete. “It’s Party Time” had taken life.

Also giving us life this month is Team Dubai, winning the British Open Polo Championship by defeating VS King Power in a seventh chukker showdown. By half-time, the two teams had given polo enthusiasts such a show that announcers couldn’t get people to take their seats after the divot-stomp. Photos and a full story from Cowdray Park Polo Club are in our Scoreboards & Cocktails section.

Our fall trendsetters have their eyes on the latest from the runways in New York, Paris and Milan, while our wellness team tackles topics of assertiveness in communication and the purpose to refining your vocabulary. A profile of Tiffanie Delune by resident art critic Raphael Dapaah dives deep into the delicate psyche of an artist. And, reporting for Polo Lifestyles for the first time is Michael J. Snell, who’s eye for luxury and accessories I’ve personally appreciated for sometime now. He toured the all green Louis Vuitton pop-up shop in New York City. Read his review and thoughts on Virgil Abloh’s installation and aesthetic.

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