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Scarcity to Abundance: My Cup Runneth Over

The above quote has been interpreted and translated many times and has even appeared in popular rap lyrics. The general meaning of this verse is, “I have more than enough for my needs.” This is not meant to be a literal or factual based quote, and in fact, it could have very little to do with material wealth at all. The quote implies that when we are satisfied with what life has presented us, if we get that “enough”, then we have abundance in all its glorious manifestations: love, health, wealth and a lust for life. How the Universe Works: The Law of Attraction “If you want love and abundance in your life, give it away.” Mark Twain This spiritual concept of abundance seems paradoxical. How can we attain it all by having nothing? A common belief system that is widely practiced throughout many religious doctrines is that once our cup is empty, it can be filled, and even overflowed beyond our expectations. Later, I will go over our “limiting beliefs”, or a “scarcity mentality.” They prevent the harmonious ebb and flow of our abundance in all worlds, most notably the perceived material world. But back to the idea of attracting abundance by purging, Mark Twain was not exactly famous for his spirituality, but he seemed to be onto something profound and simple. When we give something of ourselves that is non-material, such as volunteering, helping a family member or friend in need, or simply moving through the world with consideration for those who have less, then we increase our chances of abundance coming back to us exponentially. Doing things for others also builds tolerance and appreciation for their experiences. Yes, the universe rewards this mindset. I cannot give you verifiable proof, but this is one of those cases where “believing is seeing”, and not the other way around. Gratitude filled work fills us with a sense of being important, needed and valued. I have often heard that the universe responds when we align our behavior and karmic actions (the things we do when we think no one is watching) with our intention. Nothing happens accidentally. We are the driving force of our life experience. If we establish a momentum of giving, then receiving is the natural outcome. Make sure you can receive as open-heartedly as you give; you deserve nothing less. How might this look in the real world? It begins with helping our family and friends. Try asking around to see who might need your time or expertise, whose load can you make easier, or who could use a favor without any expectation of reciprocation. Remember that “good deeds leave no footprints”. Sometimes what we do anonymously brings us the greatest pleasure and satisfaction. Scarcity Mentality and Limiting Beliefs: Removing our Obstacles to Abundance “Do you steal from life? Then life will steal from you.” - Louise Hay, author and motivational speaker Scarcity or Poverty Mentality Louise Hay was a hero to me in many ways, through her teachings, millions of people have learned about self-love, acceptance and more specifically, learning how to feel worthy of unlimited abundance. One serious thing to avoid in life is taking what has not been given. This seems simple enough, but it appears that our karmic actions include even things we consider to be innocuous, such as taking extra sugars from the café for our home supply or stocking our home office with things from work. Unfortunately, while it may seem insignificant, the actual karmic message is, “I don’t have enough.” This is poverty mentality. You are telling the universe that you cannot afford to get these things for yourself. Thus, the universe will send you more of the same situation; even buying your own sugar and paper clips are out of your reach. Instead of cutting corners here and there and trying to save money, try providing everything for yourself in a manner that you can be proud of even if it means just a little less at first. Remember the empty cup? ‘Thoughts become words, and words become things, so think GOOD THOUGHTS!” - Dr. Seuss Limiting Beliefs A belief is simply a thought we think over and over. If we believe we will only be happy when we have money in the bank, or our lover’s complete devotion, or career recognition and success, then we are setting up the limiting belief that if these are not present, they are the cause of our unhappiness. Sometimes when the specific abundance that we desire does not manifest for us immediately, or even within a reasonable time span, we draw so much attention to the lack of abundance that it becomes our “story”, or our “crying wall”. We then start thinking the inevitable; we do not deserve it, or we are not good enough. When this occurs, we are focusing our energy the wrong way. This is the main idea behind many self-help books discussing the nature of “The Law of the Attraction”, and also the main philosophy behind the teachings of Abraham –Hicks. What is her solution? Let it go. Try anything that feels better, and stay with that until it produces a better result. It sounds hard to stray from the constant wanting of what we do not have, but another piece of advice to prevent the tunnel-vision caused by limiting beliefs is to start taking pleasure in everything in your life, no matter how small: sharing a nice meal, a walk with your dog, a good film, reading with your child. Only hover above thoughts that feel good, and you will know right away. Do not force yourself to hover over your life destruction. If it does not feel good, force yourself to maneuver your emotional helicopter to something that feels better. So you see, the art of manifesting abundance is really about learning to give and finding a way to be content with the state of things as they are. This is not to say that we cannot have dreams of great abundance, it is crucial to tell the universe what you want because it sets the wheels in motion. Trust the process. Know that you have asked, and the universe has heard your prayer. Instead of focusing on what you asked for, try pretending you already have it. It might take some real effort but vividly fantasize about the abundance coming your way. What will you do with all of it? Know in your heart that the seeds that you lovingly plant today will, in due time, manifest into your dreams of tomorrow. This is the Law of Attraction!

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