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Beyond Clothes: These Designs Light Up the Runway

When you hear about fashion week, don’t just go in expecting to see the newest collections from the big luxurious fashion houses or to be inspired by the new young designers showcasing their debut collections, instead be ready for a stop-em-in-their-tracks show. Chanel is one of those fashion houses that puts on a show whenever they present their collections. Under the vision of Karl Lagerfeld, who held the reins of this luxury brand until his death this year, every showcase has been a spectacle for the eyes and ears. Today, Chanel remains the most anticipated fashion show every season. It’s the hardest ticket to get your hands on to witness in person. But Chanel is not the only one. Parisian designers are well-known for exceeding fashion show expectations. Yves Saint Laurent's show featuring Naomi Campbell under the Eiffel Tower created worldwide buzz. The same can be said for the other fashion capitals: New York, Milan (where J. Lo put the Versace show on the front page) and London. Creating the atmosphere is key to showcasing the collections. The clothes are essential, but they need to be accompanied by the perfect setting, lighting, the front-row influencers and guests, the right background music, the exact runway walk of the models and on and on. Every season is a spectacle that will never grow old. We wait to see how the new clothes are coming out and that creates a certain fidelity to fashion week, which was not a letdown for the collections of Spring 2020. Our favorite moments are captured here in the pages of our November 2019 issue.

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