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A Polo Lifestyles exclusive: Anywhere Functional Muscle Fitness

Written and produced by Coach Mark Wine CSCS – BA 

Functional Fitness is more than exercise; it’s a lifestyle. Having the ability to freely move about and engage in movements that help you with your daily life, health and daily performance is vital to one's health. However, with the current climate of fear and microscopic viruses, do not let limited resources stand in the way of your mental and physical sanity.

Anywhere Functional Muscle Fitness is a program that allows fitness participants of all levels and passions to engage in an at-home fitness routine, which takes in to account three major factors:

  1. Time

  2. Space

  3. Resources

Time: Being at home means less uninterrupted time than normal. For this reason, we shortened the program by selecting exercises that engage multiple muscle groups, core and high levels of metabolic workload.

Space: With the understanding that there is a limited ability to partake in activities outside or in large facilities during this time, the exercises and workout structures had to be crafted as to allow performance within a tight personal space.

Resources: normal fitness centers and health clubs come fully equipped with machines, bands, barbells, dumbbells and more. At home, we often have nothing but our furniture, our bodies and maybe some bands. The Anywhere Functional Muscle Fitness program takes this into account by only having a few band exercises included in the program.

The program is a multiweek workout routine with an easy-to-follow set up that directs and guides you through six days:

  • Monday is “Tone Those Legs”

  • Tuesday is “Sculpted Upper Body”

  • Wednesday is “Tissue Recovery & Stretch”, maybe some Yoga

  • Thursday is “Cardio, Abs & Glutes”

  • Friday is “Total Body Pump It Up”

  • Saturday is “Tissue Recovery & Stretch”, maybe some Yoga

Stay motivated, Stay Fit and Get Functional!


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