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A View from the Inside

Our contributing photographer, Eva Espresso, known for her jet-set lifestyle and fashion photography, gives us a glimpse into the social scene at the St Moritz Snow Polo World Cup

Photographer Eva Espresso in St Moritz
Eva Espresso

There are few more dramatic and beautiful sporting backdrops than the glistening mountains of St Moritz – the spectacular surrounds of the annual St Moritz Snow Polo World Cup, which is played on a frozen lake. And, when the private planes of refined guests land just in time to enjoy the decadent mix of world-class polo, eye-catching winter fashion, high-society parties and breath-taking nature, the tournament weekend becomes one of the most alluring social occasions in the world.

Waking up to the invigorating combination of strong coffee, bright sunshine and crisp, fresh air is the perfect start an adrenaline and champagne-powered day of polo matches and people watching - one of the most fascinating and unique aspects of the St Moritz Snow Polo for me.

Indeed, it is this large gathering of eclectic, high-society personas that excites me the most! A fashion photographer’s dream, I would say - much like taking photos during fashion week. But the key difference between shooting at the snow polo and at fashion week is the enchanting element of surprise. During Snow Polo, I split my time between capturing the explosive power and exacting precision showcased by the ponies and the players during the chukkers, and doing a hybrid of candid event and street-style photography, taking in everyone around me.

At fashion week, brands dress their guests to attend the shows, the faces rarely change and it’s a routine that quickly becomes predictable. That being said, there is little that could make me happier than seeing friends from the “fashion week circuit” at the snow polo, such as Alex Rivière, Johannes Huebl, Carlo Sestini and Leonie Hanne to name a few.

“If people think fashion week is sexy, the buzz of the Snow Polo World Cup is far beyond anything you could imagine.”

However, at the Snow Polo World Cup, you will see fashion ensembles you’ll remember for a lifetime, and it is probably one of the last places where extravagant fur coats are not only acceptable to wear, but are expected to be worn. Dogs are a popular accessory, as are rare watches and glamorous jewelry, passed down through generations.

Dinner plans and club table bookings are often arranged during the day by groups who were strangers just an hour before – demonstrating how this event can bring together like-minded people from countries all over the world. It would be most unheard of to leave St Moritz without at least a handful of new friends. The most coveted evening destination is The Kings Social Club at the Badrutt’s Palace Hotel - the place to be and be seen. One can only compare it to the likes of Studio 54 and Annabel’s.

Nothing further shall be revealed about the most unforgettable nights of partying, though, as what happens in St Moritz, stays in St Moritz…


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