Austrian Wine: Elegant and Charming

Cezar Kusik

Wine Contributor

Despite its geographic handicap of being landlocked, Austria is a beautiful country. Most of it is mountainous, with the Alps dominating the landscape and dictating the climate with cold winters and relatively warm summers.

What can be considered lowlands amounts to about a quarter of its territory. The second biggest river in Europe, the Danube, runs through it, adding to its allure. Aside from its natural beauty, Austria’s man-made appeal centers around historic and culture-rich cities like Vienna, Salzburg, Linz and Innsbruck, where music, art, wining and dining intermingle harmoniously.

Seven years ago, I was invited by one of my favorite wine importers, Gregory Condes Wines, to Austria. The culmination of the visit was the celebration of the 222nd anniversary of one of the historic wineries of Austria’s Kremstal wine region, Salomon Undhof.