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Best Gardening Accessories that You will Love Right Now

If you have a backyard, you probably have a garden hose, and chances are, it’s a generic green one that came with your house. That, or you bought it at a big-box home improvement store. 

But why settle for ugly gardening tools when you could have ones that match the style and taste of your backyard? Garden Glory, a Scandinavian brand, makes stylish gardening tools and outdoor accessories.

Garden Glory’s founder Linda Brattlöf started the company when she was frustrated by the lack of stylish gardening tools on the market. She bought a new home on the Swedish West Coast and could not believe the only tools for sale were dull green garden hoses, ugly nozzles and clunky wall brackets. So, she took matters into her own hands and made them herself.

You are going to want to buy everything, but these are our must-haves.

Garden Glory also sells stylish pots, bird feeders, outdoor cushions, and wall mounts for your garden hose that will transform your backyard into a stylish, relaxing oasis. We love the entire collection—and we can’t believe elevated gardening tools didn’t exist until now.


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