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Casa Ferrari Revs To Life

Each summer, city-goers usually hop on the first plane, train or boat and end up in the Hamptons. The east coast retreat for the socially vibrant is usually brimming with swanky soirées and must-attend galas; however, 2020 posed a different scene (for obvious reasons.)  In true style, one of the season’s most sought-after events still took place, and safely we might add. Welcome to Casa Ferrari - Hamptons.

Casa Ferrari, a notable feature at Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance during Monterey Car Week, is the inspiration for this concept. The east coast launch idea came as the iconic car show announced a year-long postponement and several other car-weeks and regional Concours d’Elegance events such as “The Bridge”, held in Bridgehampton. The concept itself consists of a stunning showcase of VIP hospitality clad in the recognizable Ferrari “Rosso Corsa” red and features fine Italian cuisine, aperitivo and dolci, all while being among the lucky few to first preview select autos, which always include the beautifully customized Tailor-Made options. This Casa also holds a special reveal – the new Ferrari F8 Spider as a part of the “Wild at Heart” tour. 

The backdrop chosen for The Hamptons experience was The Baker House 1650, a boutique hotel noted for its casual, European flair for luxury in the heart of East Hampton. The estate, which dates back to the 1600s, encompasses two homes and is styled in the traditional Cotswold architecture, which was a perfect setting for an event of this magnitude. At the helm was local dealer Ferrari of Long Island and overseen by Soojin Kim, experiential marketing and partnerships director, and her team. In a collaborative addition, Michael Snell, founder of the press and marketing firm, The MJS Groupe; and Antonella Bertello, owner of The Baker House 1650, also assisted in the planning and execution of this auto-esperienza

Both self-proclaimed petrol addicts, Snell has sat in the directors’ seat of companies like Tesla and Rolls-Royce N.A. overseeing their marketing. Bertello has formed a very healthy stable containing some serious horsepower. She has a life-long love of adrenaline, F1 Racing, flying and boating. The east coast dealer, who is part of The Experience Auto Group, has been noted for its high sales volume, unique in-demand vehicles and premium service, not to mention curating unique experiences for their clients. This was no exception.

Guests arrived in the main house’s sunken garden after passing some serious security for an afternoon Aperitivo Al Fresco, while soft notes of Bossa Nova wafted through. The event attendees, who were limited to a very select group of Ferrari VIPs, influencers and press, were welcomed at the Out East Rosé and Á L’EST Champagne lounge along with their Co-founder and President Cori Lee Seaberg. In attendance with her husband Jeffrey Berman, Seaberg provided insight into the formulation, craft and her true passion of winemaking. Additionally, guests had the pleasure of sipping hand-crafted cocktails by Shaken or Stirred founders Fredrick Wallenmaier and Rael Petit. Noted for their ability to incorporate premium ingredients like fresh-squeezed lemon juice, egg whites and Angostura bitters, they created the Classic Ferrari Sour, which was topped with the iconic Ferrari Cavallino for this occasion. Cocktails featured Simple Vodka, a farm-to-table potato vodka that also has the mission of fighting hunger. The brand’s co-founder, Christine Prydatko attended and explained that for every drink made, two meals are donated, which is equal to 40 meals per bottle in the hopes of ending hunger in America.

Jimmy Choo rolled out the red carpet for the event as well. They designed an experience that was quite complementary to each shelf of the home’s library, turning each space into small vignettes of luxury goods. The brand also attended with a little something extra, their ‘Choo-To-You’ van, which was located at the foot of the property and served as a luxury on-the-go showroom. Pretty Rugged Gear, a sustainable faux-fur fashion house, was situated under the properties’ 300-year-old wisteria, complete with a showroom-worthy boutique lounge as attendees tried on some luxe apparel with Executive Vice President Sheila Mendleson. Guests perused a lineup of Ferrari-themed art, which was procured by Aced Gallery and adorned different areas of the property as Gallery owner Michael Cassiliano personally installed each piece. The display consisted of a mix of sculpture and mixed medium pieces to complement the ambiance.

There was no shortage of curated fine faire as a selection by Southampton Social Club and Union Sushi & Steak was available, which are notable Hamptons-based restaurants owned by restaurateur Ian Duke, who attended with general manager Chris Cappiello. Guests also had the pleasure of tasting specialties directly from the hands of Chef Michele Casadei Massari, who showcased items from his menu at Lucciola, including his famous risotto that features premium ingredients like Urbani Truffles. In the Cohiba lounge, guests explored the world of elite cigars and even gave the premium Cohiba Royale a try while sipping scotches and whiskies of their choice. 

During the event’s formal unveiling, guests made their way to the Baker Carriage House, where the F8 Spider made a splash as it was revealed to a socially distanced crowd. As the red reveal cloth was lifted, the striking Giallo Modena yellow paint gleamed, showcasing Ferrari’s unique customization ability. The car featured blue brake calipers, brilliant silver-forged wheels and was finished with an extended-leather interior in Blu Sterling and a complementing Giallo Modena stitching. Two Tailor Made 488s flanked The F8 Spider as guests experienced the exciting audio-visual experience. Spectators were then welcomed to explore each sparkling model that had been luxuriously hand-detailed by the ProShine Hamptons team whose founders, Thomas and David Sant watched in excitement.

A Hamptons event isn’t complete until guests also receive note-worthy gift bags, which contained a hand-crafted model of the Ferrari F8 Spider encased in a Carbon Fiber with the official Ferrari Lithograph F8 launch book. Additional goodies included the luxe Mediterranean Beach Towel generously provided by Frette, a gift from Jimmy Choo, matching yellow premium vehicle polishing cloths by ProShine Hamptons, and a full selection of the Cohiba Royale Cigars. If you were on the list and able to attend, you definitely had quite the treat between the Cavallino-shaped sweets and seeing AND hearing some serious horsepower. 


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