Chef Roze Traore: The Intersection Of Funky Blends Of Cuisine, Top Travel Destinations And Fashion

You can cook good-looking food—and look good cooking it. Just ask Rōze Traore, the rising chef who refuses to be only one thing

Maybe you know Rōze Traore by his picture. Maybe you know him for his food. The Le Cordon Bleu alum has had his fair share of successes in both the culinary and modeling worlds, with stints at the NoMad Hotel and Eleven Madison Park in New York City, an invite to cook at the James Beard House, and modeling gigs for Nike and other notable designers and companies. He's also dabbled in the private chef life and, thanks to his unique combination of food and fashion, has an ever-growing Instagram audience. 

Traore’s not even 30, and he's only just started shaking up the food industry and changing the definition of who and what a chef can be—even if the COVID-19 pandemic has shifted some of his plans. We caught up with this stylish chef to ask him about his funky blend of cuisines, top travel destinations, and how food and fashion intersect in his life. 

Cassie Hurwitz: How did you get started cooking? 

Rōze Traore: Cooking, for me, has always been in the family. My dad was all about getting us acquainted with our culture and where we came from, which is the Ivory Coast. He cooked a lot of traditional dishes. When I graduated from high school, I needed to figure out what I wanted to do as a career, and the closest thing I could relate to was food. So I thought, "What is the best school where I could get the fundamentals behind cooking?" and I landed on Le Cordon Bleu. 

Where did modeling and fashion come in? 

After I graduated from Le Cordon Bleu, I decided I wanted to move to D.C. and work at one of the best restaurants there at that moment, which was at the Mandarin Oriental hotel. That was my first introduction to fine dining. After working under that chef for some time, I decided I wanted to move on and check out a few other spots. I heard that New York would be another awesome