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Circling Paradise with The Cycladist

As the world speeds up, the greatest luxury is in taking it slow… In Greece’s South Aegean, time stands still on the idyllic islands of the Cyclades. We pinpoint new favorites and share how best to vacation there: on the inside track, with a tailor-made stay.

Home to paradises untouched by time, mystical in nature and drenched in style, Greece’s Cyclades – the cluster of islands circling mythological Delos – is the kind of destination that presses the reset on your soul. A hyper-personalized vacation, designed by local insiders, is the sure-fire way to experience the right islands for you, in ways that meet your unique definition of luxury.


They’re the postcard islands that spring to mind when you first think of Greece… Low, whitewashed villages clustered on hilltops, windows shuttered in shades of blue that match the sky and sea, sandy beaches, crystal waters and bright pink bougainvillea. But apart from Santorini’s fiery sunsets and Mykonos’ iconic nightlife, lesser-known island gems in the Cyclades archipelago offer something timeless, unique and, with their incredible diversity, the opportunity to meet your idea of luxury. For example, new gamma destinations include:



Best for secluded luxury, Antíparos has become the go-to for luxury travelers seeking untouched beauty and privacy. Sweeping villa stays are complemented by a growing frisson of cosmopolitan style in its idyllic one-street town and impeccable culinary scene.



For the more curious and intrepid traveler, Sifnos is most loved for its incredible light and views. It’s the most aesthetically pleasing island in the Cyclades and also boasts incredible gastronomy, both traditional and more modern.



Along with the timeless beauty, peace and charm that characterizes every island in the Cyclades, Tinos is best loved for its spectacular villages and art scene. With sunsets to rival Santorini’s, its idyllic nature offers a unique mix for those seeking rest and adventure.



An island of raw natural beauty, Serifos is a land made of iron and granite. Yet the rockiest of the Cycladic islands is also home to some of the most beautiful beaches one can find in the Aegean Sea.



With countless islands in the Cyclades and infinite areas, villas and itineraries to choose from, the best way to vacation there is in the hands of local experts. In line with the growing luxury trend of hyper-personalized travel – having your holiday tailor-made just for you – using a boutique travel designer not only takes the stress and time out of planning your vacation, but also takes it from zero to hero.


Akin to the award-winning Away from the Ordinary in Scotland or Bellini Travel in Italy (the inimitable curator of the Roy’s jet-set destinations in HBO’s Succession), boutique travel agency The Cycladist was created to achieve just this: To help the most discerning travelers find the ζουμι (juice) of life on the backroads, hidden coves and ancient olive groves of Greece’s most iconic cluster of islands.


Serving only a limited number of travelers per year, The Cycladist uses their deeply intimate knowledge of the Cyclades to help clients find the right island(s), villa and experiences for their stay, as well as ensuring privacy and providing 24-7 support. Born out of its co-founders’ lifelong love for the Cyclades, Petros Stamatopoulos and Maira Tagkalaki share their exclusive black book of hidden gems, private villas, insider tips and access (including helicopter and yacht charters to experience more islands than one), as well as itineraries that can include a day or night in Athens, Europe’s burgeoning new capital of cool, to bookend a dream island stay.


Sounds like just the ticket your soul is waiting for? We thought so. For more information and to book a private consultation, visit



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