Coût, Concept and Couture

All eyes were on the iconic Paris Fashion Week. Since 1973, the event’s initial concept consisted of presenting designers’ collections to elite fashion editors and potential buyers. The work to gain visibility and expedite an individual collections’ sale for the upcoming season was nothing short of pure genius as they presented extravagant versions of their clothing later to be modified and toned down for retail sales. While the fundamental essence of these events remains true to their fashion heritage, the style in which the brands present their sought-after couture has evolved.

Fashion provides influence over all elements of style, everything from coloration to textile design, printing techniques, materials and even beauty trends. Fashion also dictates the way the culture visualizes the humble line. This is one of the reasons why many countries have adopted the fashion week concept and why numerous brands are eagerly clambering at the opportunity to take part in the halo of influence it creates.

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