Comfort Food & Your Sanctuary

“For my tribe, the people I found years ago, we’ve found sanctuary in the irreverent, in the off-center, in the quirky... And that’s how we stay entertained, and that’s how we stay engaged in what would otherwise seem to be a really cruel world. A really harsh world.”

- RuPaul Charles

This quote from RuPaul encapsulates an important aspect of the word sanctuary. Often, people think of a sanctuary as a quiet, safe place - a refuge - and in the most literal definition a sanctuary is a place, but in a spiritual sense, a sanctuary can be both visceral and physical. Like RuPaul, for many of us, a sanctuary can be the way we feel when we are with a favorite person or a community (our tribe) that welcomes and accepts us unconditionally, it can be music that lifts our soul, or the escape of a book to take our minds off and away to our inner sanctuary. 

Since the pandemic began, we all have had to retreat to more private lives as most social events were canceled. As the world slowly begins to re-open, for many of us, it is still ingrained in our psyche since the early days of the pandemic that staying in our homes was the best way to prevent the spread of the virus. Of course, there are a myriad of reasons for that; but it is clear that the social fabric of our lives has been altered. One thing that I hear often is that life outside the house has become more stressful due to all the new rules and limitations. We spend more time waiting in lines and dealing with the nuisance of still wearing masks everywhere we go. Our homes have become th