Cultural Exchange on the Polo Field: USA & Morocco

Eight American female polo players sent a week in the Kingdom of Morocco as part of 2021’s ongoing celebration of 200 years of Moroccan-American relations. All members of the American Polo Association (APA), they divided their time playing polo between Rabat and Marrakech. The APA Commissioner, Michael Farah, and Moroccan APA Governor, Rabii Benadada, hosted the delegation.

Benadada organized a four-day women’s polo event between the eight Americans, split into Hollywood and Beverly Hills teams. To further promote the development of women’s polo in Morocco, the organization of the first Moroccan women’s polo team coincided with the APA’s trip.

Stephen Weeks, cultural attache for the Embassy of the United States in Rabat, greeted the delegation with a welcome dinner and personal tour of the embassy’s exhibition, “Of Voice and Stone: 200 Years of History in the American Legation Building and Morocco,” at the National Library.

“This exhibit tells the story of people-to-people relationships, of how Moroccans and Americans have accomplished extraordinary achievements together over the years, decades and centuries,” said Farah. “These achievements have left a permanent mark on our shared culture, in music, science, art, sports, and so many other areas.”